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With the increasing rate of digital penetration in the various populations of the world and a growth rate on the internet that increases every year, it is, therefore, necessary for companies to integrate digital at the heart of their companies hence the intervention of the digital strategy.

It is a strategy in which new information and communication technologies are used to serve a company, a brand, a product, or a service.


With the increasing rate of digital penetration in the various populations of the world and a growth rate on the internet that increases every year, it is, therefore, necessary for companies to integrate the digital at the heart of their businesses, hence the intervention of the digital strategy.

It is a strategy in which new information and communication technologies are used to serve a company, a brand, a product, or a service.

It is all the elements needed at a specific time to succeed and achieve goals, taking into account the constraints of the company. It is part of a company’s overall strategy.

To succeed in your digital strategy, you need the web, which is an objective, a means, a communication channel, and a specific action plan.

Integrating into the heart of business strategy

If we stick to the definition above, companies undergo a major transformation. In the future years, companies will experience great changes so it is time to adapt to digital and integrate digital strategy at the heart of its business. It should not only be integrated into a single part of the service of a  company but it must be integrated into all areas of the company.

After knowing that digital strategy must be integrated into all areas of business, now you have to know how to do it.

The different steps to succeed in its digital strategy.

For each strategy, you need a plan, and when you talk about a plan you talk about knowledge. The digital strategy is not so easy to establish because you have to be at all times everywhere to address all these audiences. That is to say that a digital strategy cannot be improvised. Below are the different steps to build a good digital strategy.

1.  By performing an audit of its digital presence

To be able to bring solutions to a specific problem, one can not simply rely on simple knowledge. You need to go to a specialist in the field you have difficulties, so he can use his extensive knowledge in the field to perform analysis and diagnosis that will solve your problem.

This is the same for the audit of a digital strategy because you need to be in control of all the contextual data, to collect all the statistics available on your sector and your audience without forgetting to use all the knowledge available to your digital agency.

2. For a digital strategy to be successful, it must be a digital strategy in the overall strategy of the company.

The digital strategy must always be included in your company’s overall strategy. It’s not enough just to go on Twitter or Facebook for example and make a nice post to have a lot of followers and commitment, because this will be just a waste of resources and money.

If for example this year your business goal is to improve the quality of the services you provide to your customers to match what they are really looking for and increase your customer base. Then the question here will be how can the digital help you achieve this goal?

One solution could be to offer the services that you provide and to interact and listen to the different reactions of your different customers on your digital platforms using relevant content. Also, seek to know each potential customer and find what he wants. This is only one example. Always starting from the business problem is very essential because the digital must be at your service.

3. You have to define your digital objectives, which must be in line with your business objectives.

Your digital strategy goals must be precise and must support your business goals. If your business objectives do not match your digital strategy you will always have problems with the various social media and other digital channels used because you will be confused and the public will not react to your content.

4. Identify targets that could be ambassadors and/or influencers.

Identifying your target is one of the most important parts of your digital strategy. We can precisely identify the geographic and demographic data of the people who have been and who are in contact with your brand thanks to the digital analysis tools. This allows having great strength and a lot of information that will need to be sorted and analyzed in order to make good assumptions.

The people who make up your audience have been strongly influenced by the concept of digital. Two are attracting a lot of attention right now and it’s the influencers and the ambassadors.

An influencer is a person who develops certain notoriety and who by his status, his position or his media exposure can influence the behavior in a given universe. All his opinions are widely disseminated and listened to. They are therefore very often approached by brands seeking to exponentially develop their exposure.

The ambassador is an individual who has been seduced by your brand that he decides to promote himself for free. Companies such as SAMSUNG and APPLE are the perfect example of companies with thousands of ambassadors. They are always ready to show you the latest articles of the brand, make the promo without any commission being paid to them.

5. Take care to choose your digital channels

Earlier before the broadcast channels were fewer. We had the press, TV, radio, billboards, brochures, and events.

The Internet has come to revolutionize all since it is not just a communication medium but rather a multitude of communication media. The different media are PAID, OWNED and EARNED.

The PAID is the media for which you pay your exposure. These are advertising, banner ads, AdWords, Facebook ads and email. Traditionally we have media such as TV advertising, radio, billboards, sponsorships, and brochures.

The OWNED consists of media you own. And these are your website, blog, your pages on social networks, and also your physical sales points, your catalogs or brand magazines.

The EARNED consists of opinions of your customers, their close friends on social media, blogs, forums, SEO. It is the most difficult to achieve but long term and very effective when achieved. It also consists of articles and reports about your brand in the press.

6. Taking care to define relevant KPIs.

The actions carried out by the digital gives a lot of power to marketing actions. We have the tools to measure behaviors, habits, connection speeds and to know the browsers used. But to do all this normally, the choice of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is crucial.

When you define the three elements of your digital strategy (which audience, which channels, for which purpose or objectives) you will be able to select the right KPIs.

7. Take care to choose the resources and its budget.

When your action plan takes shape, it’s time to plan for it. The question is whether you have the resources to do it internally or if you will be using an external service provider. No matter what your decision is, it’s up to you to set a budget to achieve your plan.

8. Follow performance changes and adapt your digital strategy.

The digital strategy must be constantly adapted. As the actions are done you will have more information and you can refine your assumptions and improve your performance. As long as your digital strategy works you can continue in the same direction and your progress will be constant.

In conclusion, make sure you always have a good digital strategy for your business as it is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. It has a lot of advantages and allows you to know your customers well and also the various ways to satisfy them.

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