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My experience at Digital Gong Technologies

My experience at Digital Gong

My adventure in digital marketing at Digital Gong Technologies was very enriching and pleasant to live.

I am Rolex Lima, young student in the Master cycle in Marketing and Communication. Looking for professional experience in the digital world and all that relates to it, Digital Gong Technologies was one of the prolific Digital Marketing agencies in Cameroon that caught my attention, and it was the only one to have taken me by their side.

My skills in the field of digital marketing is minimal, and sometimes, I happen to be filled with that feeling of being useless as I have so much to learn.

But alas at Digital Gong, I was shown the opposite, because here my superiors were able to leverage my marketing skills, and match them to the digital field, thus allowing me to be able to adapt to the field.

Rolex Lima, Intern at Digital Gong Technologies

As soon as I received tasks to perform, the first days were not easy because I had some small adjustment problems; like managing studies and work at the same time. This didn’t prevent me, however, from performing my tasks effectively.

I was so privileged to be supervised by the CEO and even though he had a lot to juggle with, he still took the time to follow up on my progress and gave me vital advice on digital marketing, that I will live to apply.

We mostly communicated through the agency’s telegram group where from he would send daily tasks for me to `perform.  Knowing that I was within the group in order to acquire knowledge in digital marketing, it was remarkable to see me apply myself in the activities of the agency.

The more days passed by, the more I learnt more about digital marketing. I performed tasks relating to competitive analysis, allowing me to situate the strategies implemented by the agency’s competitors; or even marketing audit carried out on certain catering establishments in the city of Douala.

The atmosphere within the premises of Digital Gong Technologies is as pleasant as it is warm; group cohesion, team spirit, friendliness, mutual support and above all respect for the employee. All these criteria are the very description of the working atmosphere within Digital Gong which constitutes one of the strengths of its team made up of young people, all specialists in a very specific field.

Digital Gong Technologies instilled in me the spirit of digital usage, while acquiring knowledge in certain fields that will help me later in the future, but also made my passion for digital marketing and its various channels. Not to mention the quality of the service provided, both in the field of website creation, SEO and graphic design.

The services are rendered by a highly qualified team, according to the needs and expectations of the customers. If there’s indeed an agency that I would recommend for all needs in digital marketing, graphic or web design, Digital Gong Technologies is the go-to agency for your needs.

My adventure here was very enriching and pleasant to live, I only remember the good moments and I wish young Cameroonians interested in digital marketing to come and experience the same thing as me.

Rolex Lima, Intern at Digital Gong Technologies


Rolex Lima

Rolex LIMALEBA is an experienced, motivated sales representative intern that has delivered outstanding results for our team. He’s quick at absorbing customer’s needs, and he’s proficient in competitor analysis.

Rolex loves challenges and has a working knowledge of e-mail marketing.

He has combined traditional marketing and digital marketing for the success of the agency.

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