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When images and graphics are used correctly, they can attract more visitors to your website

Today, quality images and graphics are of great importance to our actions. The failure or success of a marketing campaign depends on the power of its visual and marketers have already understood it for a long time.

In the communication strategy of a company, visuals have a central role to play, no matter the size of the company. When images are used effectively, they can help attract more visitors to your website and promote business goals such as sales.

The power of quality images and graphics to your website.

Man is influenced by images because he understands more of what he sees, and what he sees has a great influence on what he thinks. This means that much of man’s decisions are tied to what he sees. The way a company is perceived is undeniably influenced by its visuals. The images and graphics make it easier to understand the content a company offers and the emotions associated with it.

Thanks to the visuals, the information is retained more easily. Internet users have the habit of quickly switching from one web site to another when they do not perceive the usefulness of the content. So websites should very attractive and  have high-quality images and graphics.

What is visual content on the web?

The visual content consists of illustrations images, videos, computer graphics, quotes, and memes.

Videos offer aside visual to the content by emphasizing a dynamic format that offers emotions and movement that allows Internet users to feel close to reality.

Illustrative images or info-graphics are images, visuals or graphics that illustrate blog posts and website content. To ensure that the content is truly read, understood and remembered, the images must be meaningful.

The most technical visuals are computer graphics because they provide important statistics and information. When information is presented through visual, understanding becomes very easy.

Alt Tag : The Alt tag is reasonably the most powerful image optimization factor. Alt is a short form for alternate and it is an HTML attribute. The text in the alt tag is shown in place of the image if the image cannot be displayed or having long loading time.

How to get top quality images and graphics for your website in Cameroon

If your target audience is Cameroon you need professional photos of Cameroonians. You also need info-graphic characters with Cameroonian faces and settings.

Hiring a professional photographer for your website images: Great photos are the shortcut to looking pro. If you can invest in one great photo shoot for your website design, it is going to instantly raise your brand. it is often very difficult to find stock images that represent your brand fully or one that reflects your audience, especially for businesses in Africa with the case of Cameroon where companies use poor images or some event use images of European settings for their website branding.

Stock Photography: The core of using stock photography is searching for unique and quality images that are related to your brand and your message without looking overused. Depending on your resources you can choose to use all professional, all stock imagery or a mixture of both. At Digital Gong technologies, a Cameroon based web design agency, we can link you to a professional photographer that will shoot your company’s photos both onsite and in the studio suitable for your website project.

Graphic design: Graphic design is an indispensable part of any business and that’s as true for your company’s image and your marketing. Graphic design is important to businesses and our everyday lives in many ways. We come across with logos, brochures, websites, and a host of other design products daily. To go pro with your web design project, you need to hire a professional graphic designer or you outsource to a graphic designing agency like digital gong Technologies, a Cameroonian based company that blends design and web development to create or update your online presence.

The contribution of quality images and graphics on your websites

Avec une bonne qualité des images et graphiques, un site Web attire directement l'attention des utilisateurs et leur donne confiance

With good quality graphics, a website directly attracts users attention and gives them confidence. Users do not usually focus on written content, but stay longer when there are good quality graphics and images that make it easier to understand. A website should not be complex, its design should be simple and easy to facilitate the use by users and visitors so that they can quickly and easily find what they are looking for thereby improving sales or making contact.

The contributions of images and graphics of good quality for websites in search engines.

When we use images in SEO by merging keywords on our web sites with images we create more content that is being indexed by the search engines. Nearly all the search engines are text-based, this is to say, they can not read images and videos. Search engines see your images as an empty space. These empty spaces are atrocious or not good for your overall SEO. The alt tag in addition to telling the search engines that there is an image placed here, also informs it about the topic of your image. This content appears during web search and image search, enhancing discovery. Often when users click on your images they are directly redirected to your website. Generally, users search for content based on images, so always take care to put beautiful high-quality images in your web sites to attract users to visit your website.

What you should not forget about quality images and graphics on websites

Your website should be like an exhibition window. Your website it your Digital office space and its branding is mandatory to the success of your business. To make yourself known it is important to present your company with good quality images and graphics of the company, services or products that your site offers. Always make sure to put them forward by presenting them to the public with quality images. Never forget that it is better to show than to say.


If you need high quality images and graphics for your business, you can contact Digital Gong Technologies, a digital marketing agency in Cameroon whose aim is to help businesses to add their turnover using digital marketing. to know more about this, Click here to visit our website and see our different offers.

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Digital Gong Technologies helps companies get into the digital, increase their revenue by leveraging some of the best digital strategies and solutions from our team of highly qualified technologists and marketers.  We understand the challenges Cameroonian companies are facing when it comes to using the digital, and provide solutions to make initiatives like data analysis, SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, marketing automation and web design better.  Whether you have an acute pain to solve today or prefer to grow your capabilities over time, Digital Gong can collect, clean, and enrich prospect and customer lifecycle data in your business, and do it at your own pace.

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