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Why your business needs a functional website

why your business needs a functional website

Why your business needs a functional website

Today’s world is digitally dominated. More and more people are increasingly spending their time on smart devices than they are on traditional media. As a business owner striving to reach new audiences and triple your number of prospects per day, it is essential that you take your business online as that is where your customers are spending their time. The simplest way to get found on the web is by having a website

But, there is a glitch. Having a website is also no guarantee that you will reach your end goals. For you to do so, your website must be functional and user friendly. 

Why your business needs a functional website

Your business needs a website because it provides additional details about your company that will boost exposure and visibility. However, your website might never bring in new leads if it is not functional, easy to use and fast to load. It is for this  reason that you do not just need a website, but you need a functional website before you can achieve your end goals. Below are five reasons why your business needs a functional website

  1. Online Presence

First, a functional website provides your business with an online presence. The vast majority of customers search online to find local businesses. Google and other search engines are an opt-in service, which means that unless you tell search engines your contact information, it will not be provided to people online.

A website works to tell search engines information about your business including your address, telephone number, service areas, and business hours. If your business isn’t found on search engines, it essentially doesn’t exist online.

     2. Competitive Advantage

If you want potential customers to find and use your business over your competitors, your business needs a functional website. Because your website is the online representation of your physical business, it cannot make the mistake to be slow in loading speed, lack beautiful design, have confusing text or just plainly null. 

The more functionalities you have on your website, coupled with adequate information you can provide about your products, services, and personality, the more you can distinguish your business from competitors in your local community.

Also, by using content reflective of the personality and culture of your business, your website can get a feel for the experience of your business, not just its products and services. The more familiar you can make someone with your business, the more they will be drawn to it.

     3. Engagement

The Third reason your business needs a functional website is because it creates a channel for customer engagement. A good business website gives people opportunities to interact with your business, such as by requesting a free quote, scheduling an appointment, emailing your business, or even just looking up your address and phone number.

The more information your customers can learn about your company in the fastest amount of time, and the more opportunities they have to engage with you, the more likely they will be to engage with you.

      4. Promote Your Business

In addition to giving useful and updated  information about your business, a website allows you to showcase your business’s products and services. Depending on your business, you can have a photo gallery or portfolio of your work, a blog where you can stand out as an expert in your area and provide useful information, and even a section for customer testimonials.

It is therefore of prime importance that your website be fully operational if you want to be the center of attraction for your target audiences. Your website allows customers to see how and why they should use your business, which makes their decision making easier. 

     5. Generates Leads

A website helps your business by generating leads with calls-to-action. A call-to-action is a button or text on your website that prompts someone to provide their contact information for a specific purpose. Examples of calls-to-action include scheduling an appointment, getting a quote for a service, downloading a brochure or eBook, or requesting more information from the business.

Having calls-to-action on your website that require visitors to fill out a contact form provides you with a list of people to follow up with and potentially convert into clients and customers. Now imagine if none of the above call to action buttons were not functional?  You guessed it. You would be kissing goodbye to hundreds of visitors per minute. As you don’t want that to happen even in your worst nightmares, ensure that your web developer does a good job. 

In summary 

With the level of internet usage among customers today, it is imperative to get started with a website for your small business. Not only will a functional website allow you to establish a presence in a world where your target audience lives, it will make it easier for more people to search, discover, and contact you. A website doubles your efforts in answering questions, providing details, and refining your brand identity—all of which makes it as easy as possible for customers to establish a relationship with you and turn into clients.



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Kouatchet Linda

Kouatchet Linda est la responsable du Marketing Digital chez Digital Gong Technologies , une agence de marketing digitale et de conception web située à Douala qui accompagne les entreprises et particuliers dans leurs stratégies digitales dans le but de faire accroître leur visibilité sur internet ainsi que leur chiffre d’affaires.

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