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What is the job of a Social Media Manager?

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Who is a social media manager?

A Social Media Manager is a high-level specialist responsible for managing a brand’s image on social networks. He is responsible for evaluating the presence of the brand on social media, developing its visibility to the maximum and ensuring that the brand is well perceived by the users of these social network’s potential customers, or influencers by their ability to relay brand messages. In Cameroon, the job of a social media manager is very new and few are the companies who realise the importance of Social media for their businesses, or engaging into digital marketing in general.  

The social media manager defines the company’s strategy on social media and supports the implementation of this strategy. Depending on the company’s field of activity, its activity can be more or less oriented on the communication side or more on the concept of customer support. He is often considered to be the guarantor of the company’s reputation on social networks, although many elements external to social media management can affect it.

What are the missions of a Social Media Manager?

The job of Social Media Manager is a natural evolution of that of Community Manager. In fact, the Social Media Manager is a decision maker, responsible for the brand’s digital communication. This is how most businesses in Cameroon define the missions of a social media manager: 

  • Development of an influence and visibility strategy on social media
  • Identify the most influential actors of the Web and essential places of expression (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Instagram …)
  • Participate in the definition of the company’s digital marketing strategy by developing its presence on social media
  • Design and formalize the social media strategy.
  • Implementation of a competitive watch and an “employer brand” watch
  • Follow the latest trends and organize a structured watch by testing new tools, new uses, new applications.
  • Propose new tools in order to follow the employer’s brand of the company more effectively.
  • Observe the competition and monitor their brand image
  • Set up an active watch on the evolutions of the Web
  • Monitor influential communities.
  • Monitoring and development of brand awareness on the web
  • Optimizing the brand’s visibility on the Internet through the development of digital presence: choice and creation of spaces, communities and associated content such as blogs, social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) …
  • Follow the brand’s e-reputation on social media
  • Design a Social Media Planning (calendar) in order to have a voice coordinated with the actions of institutional communication.
  • Optimize referencing by different actions (“push” content, develop external links, backlinks …).
  • Ensuring that the brand is heard, conveying the values ​​of the company, in order to make it better known to Internet users.
  • Create and regularly publish value-added content on blogs, sites and community spaces.
  • Identify and retain opinion leaders (influential bloggers) who can serve as relays, in particular by inviting other experts to their blogs, regularly sharing their publications on Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo and others.
  • Manage the animation of communities on the Web: propose actions intended to retain customers and employees around a common identity.
  • Ensure the consistency of actions carried out in relation to the positioning and strategic directions of the company and participate in events and fairs so as to develop its network.
  • Manage providers responsible for the production of community solutions (videos, blogs, etc.)
  • Protect the company’s brand through reactive actions (e.g. responses to contentious comments in connection with the communications department and the legal department).
  • Advise other departments in the company on the position to adopt on social networks

Monitoring of indicators 

  • Track results in terms of traffic acquisition, customer loyalty by segment, using web analytics tools.
  • Propose new tools in order to monitor the brand of the company more effectively .
  • Manage and follow the budget, pilot providers.


The skills and abilities of a social media manager

The Social Media Manager is an expert in the world of  digital marketing. They combine the skills of a marketer capable of analyzing and creating (s/he therefore knows webmarketing, content creation, advertising, affiliation, display, customer relation management (CRM), data, etc.), with those of an excellent communicator (influence, institutional, product, crisis, etc.), but also that of a technician capable of understanding the various technological tools and their evolution.


  • Mastery of new communication media: professional and non-professional social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …), blogs, forums … as well as social media management tools (google analytics, ads manager, google adsense,…).
  • Mastery of e-reputation monitoring and measurement tools and techniques
  • Good general culture of recruitment levers on social networks
  • Ability to create partnerships and on-line (or off-line) events to engage the community
  • Knowledge of web marketing techniques (content strategies, search marketing, affiliation, etc.)
  • Good knowledge in organic search optimisation (SEO) and good practice of audience measurement or statistics tools allowing to follow the notoriety of a brand on the various discussion media (Adwords, Google Analytics …)
  • Fluency in English, and French most importantly since a good chunk of the market is French inclined.


  • Curiosity and taste for investigation, because the social media manager must keep abreast of new web trends and new tools, in a field that is still recent
  • Good writing skills and keen sense of communication as he may be called upon to intervene in certain discussions; must keep a blog, and more often publish qualitative content
  • Adaptability and good oral expression because he is in contact with various interlocutors within the company: general management and / or strategy, marketing management to analyze the buzz of the brand on the web …
  • Analysis and synthesis capacities because s/he must be able to analyze the actions carried out
  • Proposal force to develop the strategy, types of content or themes
  • Creativity and reactivity, because s/he must know how to react quickly in the event of a crisis by intervening on the various channels
  • Ability to manage project teams, often remotely
  • A great sense of ethics, because he is in charge of defending the image of the company

The other appellations of the job of a  Social media Manager

Multiple names are often given to people who exercise in this profession, namely:

  • Company brand manager
  • E-reputation manager
  • Digital and social media manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Influence Manager
  • Social media expert
  •  Social media director
  • Head of social media
  • Community Manager
  • Social media host, etc.

Now, you now know almost everything about the job of a social media manager. Do you want to practice in this profession but have no idea on how to start with it? contact Digital Gong Technologies now, we are a web marketing agency located in Douala, and we will be happy to give you an almost free consultation 🙂 . If you have any further questions on this subject, ask it away in the comment section below and we will humbly answer you.  Before you go, make sure to use the information here strategically whenever you are applying for a job as a social media manager. It will give the employer some assurance that you know your job and consequently the role you are applying for.

See you soon for other articles in and around digital marketing in Cameroon.

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Belle Linda Kouatchet is the Head of the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gong Technologies; a creative digital marketing agency based in Douala. She has put together her skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, communication and mastery of digital technologies to the benefit of the company. 

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