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Managing your social media accounts for your business in terms of research, scheduling and posting might sometimes be tedious or boring. The key components for building a strong online presence and promoting your business are the logistical and management steps behind the fun posts, which may ultimately lead to better connections with your audience.

To make it easier there are ways to make the mundane parts of social media. The most essential and important thing you can do is to be verified online. It can be your personal account or your business account or even both that get the little “check mark” next to the profile name and this is massively important. This provides an instant social proof and instant credibility when any one looks up to you or your business online. We have some influencers and top brands in cameroon with these check marks on their profiles which gives them more credibility in everything they post.

The verification may also push your company to be a trusted option among all the other competitors. Social media verification can be difficult to do, and it takes some time but it is definitely possible and it is worth it.

Many people and may be you included, have tried to be verified and have been rejected. For others, they do not even know where to start. Unless you have a huge following like Samuel Eto’o, the iconic and legendary top Cameroonian footballer, becoming a verified account takes some commitment and trial and error.

For example, you might have a huge following on twitter and you are not verified because twitter has not noticed you yet or you have not proved it to twitter. In case you do not have a huge following, you need to prove your identity and tell Twitter why other users need to know that your account is official. If you have already tried to be verified and you have been rejected, it means you are probably not following the rules closely enough. For some social media or sites, it is more difficult to show your worth than others are.

We are going to explain the reason why you or your business has to be verified on social media and then we will explain how to get verified on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Why is it essential to be verified?

One of the first social media platform to introduce verification was Twitter, and it took awhile for it to be important as it is today. At first, it was a way to recognize which Twitter account belonged to Celebrities. With time, it evolved and now it involves brands, companies and influencers.

It serves as a way to draw the audience’s attention to an account to show the authenticity. This helps in targeting the youngster users who are the prime social demographic. On Instagram, about 60% of users are between the ages of 18 and 29. Twitter is checked by 81% millennials every day.

When you have a badge of proof, it means your account is worth following, or that a particular attention has to be paid to it, or even that it will be good to interact with it. That proves that the account actually belongs to you. It immediately shows that any other account with the same name is fake.

For celebrities or big brands, this is a major problem because during a research you may find multiple accounts with the same name and official picture or logo. These accounts are created just for the sake of getting followers, scam customers or fans or even destroying reputation by impersonating the brand, company or celebrity.

Without a check mark, it may take you time to verify the authenticity of an account. Even though not all big companies and public figures have verified accounts online. Therefore, you cannot be sure until you verify the account’s number of followers and the kind of content on the page. In this case, there was a check mark, all this research and guessing would not be necessary. 

The processes of getting verified are unique to each social media platform. For this reason, we are going to go through the big ones.


How to get verified on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.


  • Facebook


On Facebook, a verified account has a blue verification check mark, which identifies that the account is either an organization, global brand or public figure (In Cameroon we have top influencers like Samuel Eto’o, Lady Ponce, Charlotte Dipanda, mr leo, Stanley Enow, Mimi Mefo Info, etc…, that have verified accounts).

There is also the Gray check mark, which means that certain pages or businesses in specific locations are authentic.


  • Facebook for Influencers


In order to verify your personal account to become an influencer in your business or industry, start by making sure your Facebook page is updated with information.

Add a recent profile picture and make sure your profile information is filled out. You have to make sure you have been posting regularly on your page for a consistent amount of time, if you have never done so you have to start doing it before you think of verification. 

When all these steps have been completed, head to Facebook’s request a verified Badge form. Select the kind of page you are looking to verify and complete the form accordingly by providing an email address, official website link, and more info.

 Make sure you have a digital copy of your ID because Facebook will use this upload to verify that it is really you.

It might take a few days or weeks for Facebook to process, the request so just be patient for the reply.


  • Facebook for Businesses


In order to verify your business’s account, you start like in the previous case by updating your profile. After this is done, go to the “settings” page. You then click “General”, and go to “Page Verification” to verify page.

You proceed by entering your business information, like company phone number, country and various details. After this is done, you click on “Call Me Now” button, and Facebook will call you to give you a verification code. Once you have received the code, enter it in. you then wait for Facebook’s response for a few days.


  • Twitter


Twitter approves account types maintained by users in government, politics, religion, music, acting, fashion, journalism, business, media, sports and other key interest areas. This means that if your account does not fall under one of these categories then no need of trying to verify it. You can observe these check marks on Cameroonian influencers such as Rebecca Enonchong, Jovi, Samuel Eto’o, Tenor, Empire Company, Stanley Enow, etc…

When your account falls under one of these categories, Twitter provides you with some verification tips to increase your chances of getting verified.

  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address
  • A bio
  • A profile photo
  • A header photo
  • A website
  • A birthday ( in the case your account is not a company, brand or organization account)
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings.

When you fulfill these criteria, you can then submit a formal verification request.

Fill the form by including some backstory about why your account should be verified by Twitter, you then provide some website links that backup your claims. After this you wait for a few days or a week time for Twitter to study your request and reply.


  • Instagram


Instagram is one of the most selective social media platforms when it comes to giving verified badges.

Accounts that represent well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated according to Instagram. You can see these check marks on popular Cameroonian Influencers like Tenor, Jovi, Stanley Enow, Samuel Eto’o, Nathalie Koah, Magasco, etc

“We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow” – Instagram.

So it was easy for someone like Tenor to get Verified.

In the case, you already have a huge following or you are a mega brand, Instagram will verify your page without you having to do anything.

In the case you are not in the above categories, you can follow these key tactics

  1. Build your following and post engaging images.
  2. Add as much identity supporting information as possible to your profile to make it appear official, even though there is no check mark.

If you take time to build the legitimacy of your account, people will notice you and hopefully Instagram will too.


  • LinkedIn


LinkedIn verification may seem similar to that of Facebook but it is a little bit different.

LinkedIn hands out check marks on the LinkedIn LookUp. The check mark proves that someone works for the company they have specified. Moreover, this check mark is very easy to get.

You just have to request verification from LinkedIn and wait for a four-digit code to land in your business email address. You then enter the code into LinkedIn LookUp and you are verified.

This does not mean that if someone does not have a check mark on LinkedIn, then account is not legit. It just means the person has not completed the verification process yet. You can also increase your credibility on LinkedIn by getting invited to an influencer program. 

You may also have a gold LinkedIn logo Upgrading to a premium membership. When you pay for a premium membership, you get that logo. You can see this on the LinkedIn account of the Chief Financial Officer of MTN Cameroon, Ebenezer Bodylawson.


  • YouTube


On YouTube, the verification of your YouTube account and the verification of you YouTube name are two things different even though most people think it is the same thing. Both of them are important.


  • Verifying your YouTube account.


You can do this directly after creating your YouTube Account. YouTube reminds you at the top of your video manager to provide your account with a phone number.

When this phone number is provided, YouTube sends you a verification code that you enter to prove that your account is a real one.

You complete this step to enjoy additional features like:

  • Uploading longer than 15 minutes
  • Claiming Copyright
  • Custom thumbnails.


  • Verifying your YouTube name.


This is the check mark that is placed by a YouTube channel name. You can see this on Cameroonian Youtube Channels like Les Baos, Pakgne and Ulrich Takam.


A multitude of YouTube channel creators are trying to get this.

Google often reviews channels to determine who deserves to be verified and who does not.  Google looks at three things to ensure that your channel is eligible to receive verification.

To increase your chances of getting verified, google suggests the following:

  • Connect your YouTube  channel to google+
  • Authorize your google+ page.
  • Have a substantial subscriber following
  • When you work on these steps, google will verify your page once they think you have earned it.


  • Pinterest


When you are verified on Pinterest, it means that users will know that it’s really your company pinned to boards on the platform.

 Before you start, make sure that your Pinterest account is company and not a personal one. You continue by confirming your website. You include the “pin it” button on your site. You then change your profile picture to your business logo.

To start, select the “settings” option

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you added in your website URL and click “verify website button to the right”.


Follow each step accordingly and you will be all set.


  • Snapchat


For Snapchat, users that are verified get something different from the typical check mark; they get an emoji of their choice.

It is very important because it is virtually impossible to find a snapchat user unless you know exactly what their account name is. 

When emojis are used, finding any verified account becomes very easy. With this you don’t need to enter their account name, you just have to enter their real names.

If on your Snapchat account you have substantial following, you can contact snapchat representatives to find out if your account is worthy of verification. You need to provide some proof of your identity, if you are lucky enough to get them to verify your account. You can contact Snapchat through their “Contact Us” web page.

If your account verification is rejected, you can try it at a later date once you have built a larger following on the platform. The more you have followers, the more your chances of getting verified increases.


So you see that getting verified on every social network is not an easy task and to do it for every single social media platform where you are present is not easy.

In case you are a high-powered celebrity like Samuel Eto’o, the Cameroonian footballer icon, it will be very easy for you to get verified on each platform.

If you have already tried to be verified and it has been rejected, just try to follow the platforms requirements closely. The verifications help you in building brand awareness. With these check marks, you can also fight fake accounts by providing you credibility and trustworthiness.

On Facebook and twitter verifications take a few days or weeks after your application of verification has been submitted, this application for verification is available on their platforms. You can explain exactly why you want to be verified on Twitter.

On Instagram, all you need to do is to consistently build your following while waiting for them to contact you.

On LinkedIn, using the short code that will be sent to you, you can verify yourself on LinkedIn LookUps or you can also decide to upgrade to a premium account to get the flashy gold logo of LinkedIn.

On YouTube, you first verify your account before verifying your YouTube name.

On Pinterest you need to verify your web site and you add a “pin it” page to your site and you make sure that your company’s Pinterest page includes your logo as the profile picture.

On snapchat, you build your following and you make it to be large enough so as to earn your own custom emoji.

These are the various ways by which you can get verified on every single social media, now all relies on you to choose which ones are the most essential either for you or your business and you just have to follow the procedures. So according to you which Social Network(s) is (are) the most important for verification?

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