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Service for Prodigy’s blog by Digital Gong

Who is Prodigy’s blog?

Prodigy’s blog is an entertainment website that projects Cameroon’s entertainment (movie, Music and fashion) industry to an enormous audience. It presently stands as one of the best showbiz websites in the country.


Prodigy’s blog sought out Digital Gong’s services to rebrand their business. Our client wanted their brand to reach and appeal to a wider audience and to have a better understanding of their target audience. This necessitated us to create their website, redesign their logo and audit the Search Engine Optimisation strategy put in place.   

Services Rendered

Prodigy's blog

Logo redesign

With their former logo not appealing to our client’s taste, our team of creative and professional graphic designers redesigned a logo that got the best of our client’s objective. Today the logo is at the forefront of their brand and we are humbled to have taken part in solidifying Prodigy’s leadership in the Cameroon entertainment industry.

Website design

A website is an unquestionable asset to boost a brand’s visibility, and it was essential for prodigy to have one. Digital Gong embarked on designing a website for Prodigy’s blog that would allow visitors to get the best user experience in scouting the entertainment site. We used SEO techniques for maximum web visibility and rankings which has today brought long term results to the client’s satisfaction.

SEO Audit and Keywords Research

Performing an SEO audit is important to identify strengths, weaknesses and potentials of a website. It is an important facet of a website when it comes to digital marketing, so Digital Gong offered to conduct an SEO analysis for prodigy’s blog. This audit assessed, and continues to assess the performance of on-page and off-page activities, identify the site’s technical-related problems, analyze backlinks, scan keyword density and all that an SEO audit should perform for long term success.

1.00% CTR

+95% SEO

303% ROI


Although the process is still ongoing, Prodigy’s blog increased its google rankings within the first 4 months of their website design and seo audit. The search engine optimisation for the website delivered excellent responsiveness, user friendly and increased its brand awareness to over 60%.

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