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Graphic design

Works performed for Nzelle Group by Digital Gong

Who is Nzelle Group?

Nzelle Group is a visionary company run by the Limbe City Headquarters and specializes in a variety of services. It was founded in 2015 under the name of Nzelle Chemicals. It is an ambitious company that has been guided by innovation and has expanded into new markets such as information technology, decoration, etc. This group has successfully invested in 7 mainstream companies in Cameroon namely:

  1. Nzelle Handyman Services 
  2. Pure organic materials
  3. nzelle chemicals
  4. scents of nzelle
  5. IT
  6. Nzelle decor and soil
  7. Nzelle 3D decor 


Visual identity is the base of every company wishing to develop in the sector of activity it initiates. Nzelle Group has understood the importance of image quality, and has turned to Digital Gong Technologies. Our mission was to highlight their range of products both on the web (social networks, website) and on flyers, posters, banners and others.


Nzelle Group

Graphic design

We have invested ourselves in this project with a lot of interest and desire to satisfy our client. Our team of creative graphic designers  worked on creating quality visuals that will communicate Nzelle Group’s message effectively to their audience. These visuals were intended to attract the interest of readers, site visitors and subscribers of social networking pages.

80% CTR

22% Less CPA

85% ROI


Our efforts resulted to 70% increase in lead generation on social media and the website combined. We converted 45% of the total leads. this success has kept us working with Nzelle group.

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