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LA  CASE DU PAYSAN: Web design, Digital marketing strategy, graphic design.

Creative and Web Design, digital Strategy Consulting

Service rendered for LA CASE DU PAYSAN by Digital Gong


LA  CASE DU PAYSAN is a multidisciplinary agro-pastoral exploitation that offers well-being and health to all social strata without distinction. It rears animals and produces agricultural products all year long. It exploits many branches of livestock including poultry, pig farming, rabbit breeding and heliciculture. The agricultural products and fruits found in LA CASE DU PAYSAN are grown, planted and maintained without chemicals. And for La Case du Paysan, the satisfaction of its consumers is their priority.


LA CASE DU PAYSAN was anxious to publicize his activity, in this light, it appealed to Digital Gong. We aimed to create their strong corporate identity, increase the company’s visibility on search engines and social networks by designing a modern, ergonomic and responsive website for them and creating pages on social networks.

Services Rendered

Website design

We have designed a CMS Wordpress web site, secure, professional, suitable for all types of screens, consistent with their sector of activity and with quality content. We have integrated an animated blog with updated content about the activities and products of the farmer’s hut and an SEO module to increase the visibility of the website on search engines.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

We did a digital analysis of companies operating in the same sector as La Case du Paysan, then we defined the market segment that could be interested in the products of the structure (potential target), we also described SMART digital objectives for the company before putting in place a strategic and operational action plan to achieve these objectives.

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Graphic design

We showcased the products and services of La Case du Paysan by designing attractive visuals with professional photos taken in the field. We have retouched these photos for better rendering on the website and for posts on social networks.

bantu Voices logo design

Social Media Marketing

In order to achieve the goals we defined for LA CASE DU PAYSAN, we had to develop a social media marketing strategy that included the following:

  1.   Definition of a publication calendar on social networks
  2.   Developing a content strategy for posts
  3.   Informational and competitive watch
  4.   Community Management: answer questions and comments on social networks, interact with the community
  5. Launch of advertising campaigns on social networks
  6. Reporting of actions carried out over a monthly period

+75% LEADS

+80% SALES

303% ROI


Results were a 97% increase in leads from the website after the 1st month of activity.  La case du paysan has become visible on search engines and ranks high on search engine results pages. It’s successfully converted 80% of leads and has built a loyal customer base. 

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