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Content Creation, Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design.

Services rendered for Global Auto Gadgets by Digital Gong


Global auto gadgets is an Automotive Parts Store, Automotive Service and Car Dealership. Global auto gadgets sells and installs car gadgets especially car electronics gadgets, such as car security systems,GPS tracking systems and Car Musical systems.


Global auto gadgets was looking to increase its online presence specifically for the Cameroonian social media audience . It was hoping to become noticeable on social media especially Facebook, which is the most used social media platform in the country and adequate for its budget. The goal was to increase the companies leads, in the pursuit of garnering more sales from the wider Cameroonian regions.

Services Rendered

Social Media Marketing

Digital gong helps the automotive company with their social media marketing strategy. We realised an audience research, buyer persona, competitor analysis, community management and carried out their social media optimization all with the aim of creating awareness and improving the sales of the shop.

Graphic Design

By applying creative and simplistic design groundwork, our graphics has been adding modernist touches to global auto gadget’s advertisement campaign. Global auto desired surpassing its competitors, and this struggle has been undertaken when our graphic designers apply uniqueness to their commercial scheme.  Our Graphic designs turned Global auto gadget’s ideas into realistic revelations, based on the delivery of visuals and informative contents, hence, enabling global auto gadgets to communicate with its target clients effectively..

Logo Design

Digital gong engaged its graphic design team to create a memorable business logo design for global auto gadgets that will become a handy tool for the company for driving their customers. To digital Gong a unique logo design is perhaps the most visible element of a business. Global auto gadgets needed  a business logo and digital gong designed it, blending creativity and professionalism as it does best.

Content Creation

Our social media strategy required a mix of content to be successful, so we developed  a process to create this content, and maximize its worth. To ensure optimal performance of our content, Digital gong designed a content schedule in lign with Global auto’s audience demographics and psychographics.

+80% LEADS

+50% CPA

400% ROI


Global auto gadget increased its clients base by 69% within the first three months of implementation. The facebook ad campaign generated a surplus of leads than prospected. With this success in targeted ads, global auto gadgets increased its online sales. Its Facebook engagement rate increased by 50% with a 80% leads 

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