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Children Home International : Graphic Design Digital Marketing

Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, SEO audit

Services rendered for Children Home International by Digital Gong


Children Home International is an NGO based in Yaounde, Cameroon. It aims to rescue and rehabilitate children who are in need of care and protection and any child who is out of school in the urban and rural Areas. It works for a world in which every child can live their potential and contribute positively to the development of their community. The NGO is committed to supporting children to overcome their challenges and have a better future.


Children Home International was looking to increase its online presence specifically to get  their activity known world wide. It was hoping to create a website that will appear higher on search engines. The goal was to increase the website’s traffic, in the pursuit of sensitizing and garnering more sympathisers for their activities.

Services Rendered

Digital Marketing Strategy for Children Home International

Digital Marketing Strategy

Children Home International necessitated a digital strategy that will guide their actions to enable them to reach their goals effectively. Digital Gong drew up a strategy to answer to the NGO’s objectives. Our team conducted their market research, audience persona, competitor analysis, and everything indispensable to come up with the digital marketing strategy.

graphic design

Graphic Design

Digital Gong designed graphics to accompany the branding concept of Children Home International. We understand how important it is for graphics to communicate effectively to an audience, so we leverage creativity, professionalism, and skills to design visuals that correspond to both our client’s and their target audience needs.

SEO for Children Home International

SEO audit

Digital Gong conducted an SEO audit, to diagnose any problems or areas of weakness on Children’s home international website. The results provided a detailed analysis of what could be improved to enhance the site for enriched performance. With many benefits including regular monitoring, being able to respond to sudden dips in traffic, and assessing our digital strategy, the SEO audit was very crucial.

Logo design for Children Home International

Logo Design

With our team of creative and professional graphic designers, we worked to give our client a distinctive brand identity.  Our logo aimed to have a lasting positive impression on the potential customers. To this we designed a unique piece that incorporates a design concept and colors in a special way to satisfy Children Home International.

+98% SEO


150% ROI


Children Home International increased its google rankings within the first three months of implementation. The search engine optimisation for the website delivered a user friendly and accessible website. With our fastidious team, we increased their site’s visibility on google for its target audience and our professionalism has kept us collaborating with allevoyage for greater successes.

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