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Bantu Voices: Website design and Digital Marketing Strategy

Creative and Web Design, Digital Marketing Strategy

Service for Bantu Voices by Digital Gong


Bantu Voices is a Non Governmental Organisation that aims to give value to the African culture, revisit the real culture of the African people, connect and make africans believe in their potential to develop their continent by themselves. Bantu Voices is founded by Cameroonian born Solomon Ateh, and partners with the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), Community Center for Integrated Development (CCID), and Vision Alliance for Community Development (VACOD).


The objective was to use unique means of improving the NGO’s internet visibility, to strategize an effective approach to engage with the audience, to generate a positive online reputation and create a distinctive branding for Bantu Voices.

Services Rendered

Blogging platform design

Website design

Digital Gong Technolgies designed a website for Bantu Voices, to expose the organisation’s activities  to the face of the world. The website design was personalized to create customized experiences for visitors to the website. Rather than providing a single, broad experience, the website  allows Bantu Voices to present visitors with unique experiences tailored to their needs and desires. Bantu Voices website features a cross-section of news, advocacy, politics, community development, and civil society. Digital gong equally used SEO techniques for maximum web visibility and rankings of the website.

digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Gong offered a digital marketing strategy to Bantu Voices, to enable it achieve its business goals on the internet. At Digital Gong, we emphasize on having businesses Develop a digital marketing plan that will help identify what makes the business unique and how to get the right message out to the right audiences through a variety of digital channels. Bantu Voices consulted Digital Gong for this service and we are pleased they appreciated and implemented the drafted strategy.


bantu Voices logo design

Logo design

A logo is an imperative branding investment a business should make. Bantu Voices needed a logo as an important part of their NGO’s brand, to make a significant impact on the public’s perception. Our team of creative graphic designers combined soul, heart and tools to create a logo that conveys Bantu Voice’s vision as an NGO that values the African culture, and makes Africans believe in themselves.

SEO for Children Home International

SEO audit

Digital Gong provides ongoing reviews of the Bantu Voices website, to indicate what is working well, what elements need improving and what parts of the site need attention. Regular SEO audits are incredibly valuable for the company’s website as the search engine algorithms changes very quickly. Our audits strategically improves the company’s website’s performance, enhance SEO and increase visibility.

+88% CTR

+65% LEADS

310% ROI


Bantu voices increased its google rankings within the first three months of implementation. The search engine optimisation for the website delivered excellent responsiveness to our client’s satisfaction. In addition to achieving the primary goal and increasing the brand’s visibility by 20%, the business name is more recognizable.

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