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ALLEVOYAGE: Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design

Services rendered to Allevoyage by Digital Gong


Allevoyage, is an online travel company, founded in the year 2018, to empower the Cameroonian traveller to find, compare and book their travels instantly. It aims to offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Their Services are a myriad of International and Domestic Air Tickets, Holiday Packages, Hotels, Visa Services, Travel Insurance, Car rental and Airport Protocol. 


Allevoyage sought out digital gong technology’s services for their company’s online visibility. Our client wanted their marketing campaign to go beyond the immediate populations and wanted to start utilizing social media marketing with the intent of reaching a wider online audience. It was for digital gong to develop a social media strategy that could suit our client’s objectives

Services Rendered

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Social Media Marketing

To reach a broad target audience, Digital gong established an online social media presence, conceived a social media marketing strategy and executed all digital marketing efforts for allevoyage. From content development, market and audience research, developing a buyer persona, to community management and tracking analysis, our agency manages the client’s online brand and outreach.

Allevoyage is an online travel company

Graphic Design

Digital Gong created a graphic concept to accompany the online visibility campaign of allevoyage. In every campaign, it is prerequisite to synergize content with graphic for ultimate success. Allevoyage graphic concept was applied to every graphic design to support its brand image. This helped the company communicate effectively with their target audience and simplified the process of conceiving the designs .



418% ROI


The social media campaign was met with immediate success. Allevoyage increased its client base by 80% within the first 2 months of implementation. The facebook content strategy generated shares and engagement across the platform, which created a better online reputation and credibility  for the travel company. 

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