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Media Buying in Cameroon should be considered by every company wishing to to promote their products and services in order to increase visibility, sales and customer base.

The buying of media consists of a set of purchases, arrangement and strategic negotiations of advertising space on wholesale platforms in order to find an investment that will be more advantageous and at the lowest price for the period.

Media buying falls into the category of paid media and generally means the buying of media space and time for advertising creations and display. During media buying, the goal is to find a friendly place, at the right time and in the right context to deliver relevant ads to the target audience to increase conversion rates, sales or brand popularity. . The purchase of media is time-based, and this means that the buyer has to pay for the “rental” of all possible locations on all possible platforms. These placements must be available for the time range chosen by the advertiser to place the ad.

In Cameroon one can have examples like Jumia, Kaymu, Kikuu or JeBuy.com that usually do media buying and that carry out targeted ads on social networks and search engines by making relevant ads for which you are interested and this in order to convert prospects to customers, to increase their popularity or their turnover.


Advertising decisions are not made overnight. Indeed, the preparation phase is the longest and requires thorough research and careful planning. During the pre-launch phase, the media buyer considers and makes choices of the relevant media. The main goal is to ensure that the chosen media meet the advertising objectives it is about to make.

Identify the target audience and decide how to reach it

First, you need to get a clear picture of existing customers and find out who these customers really are. Make sure to divide your audience into segments such as demographics, behavior, geolocation, and other groups to really understand who you’re dealing with. Once you know your audience, try to get an idea of ​​the target audience or people who might be interested in your products / services by finding similarities and patterns. If, for example, you are a real estate company and you are in Cameroon, this means that your audience must be in Cameroon or people who are interested in housing in Cameroon, then the points of interest of the public that you wish to have. It can be people wanting to invest in real estate, people looking for real estate or anything related to real estate.

When the target group has been identified, think about how to reach these people. Where are they going ? how do they shop? use channels to reach potential customers: social networking platforms, search engines, advertising on websites or blogs. Always take care to know the platforms and devices used by your target group.

Competitor Research

Investigating potential competitors and gaining insight into their strategies for buying media. Identify where your competitors advertise, who they target, what works, and what does not work for them. You’ll save time by learning from your competitors’ experiences so you can create smart advertising campaigns right from the start.

If Orange Cameroon, which is doing mobile telephony in Cameroon wants to buy media, it must first conduct surveys of their competitors such as MTN Cameroon and NEXTTEL to discover the digital strategy of those compared to their ads and their target audiences.

The Design Media Buying Strategy

For your campaign goals, choose the corresponding forms of advertising: television video advertising, print ads in newspapers and magazines, online video advertising and movie theaters, indoor posters and outdoor billboards, radio advertising, digital banner and text media, mobile advertising and many more. For each channel, it must have a custom message tailored to that specific channel, which could be a challenge. In the event that media buyers prefer to advertise online, they need to understand the operation of programmatic media buying and become familiar with the basics of real-time bidding.

Choose the media and negotiate the price.

It is very important to negotiate the price of media first, whether you cooperate with radio stations or newspaper publishers. Research the best deals and ask for discounts or bonuses that media sellers are willing to offer. Make sure to compare offers from multiple publishers and do not be afraid to negotiate the price. In case you buy digital media, discuss with the platform provider and services, make sure there are no hidden fees. Set a daily or monthly limit by adjusting the programmatic budget.

Allocate the budget and plan the execution of the campaign

When you know how and where, and have identified who to announce, it’s time to start the real work. Define a target investment return. Make a campaign budget allocation based on the results you want to achieve. Estimate the expenses for a specific period, such as the budget for a day, a week, or a month. Plan each franc you spend and remember to account for unexpected expenses. 


During the launch phase, the main responsibility of the media buyer is to ensure effective media dissemination and constant monitoring of campaign performance. At this point, it is crucial to analyze what works and what does not work and, based on this information, make new decisions.

Ensuring Media Delivery

As a media buyer, you need to make sure the ad appears in the desired location, in front of the target audience and in the right context. Be sure to deliver highly relevant messages that bring value to consumers instead of disrupting or irritating. Follow the progress and the commitment of the customer.

Respond to customer behavior or competitor activities

Sometimes, potential customers do not interact with the ad in the planned way and you do not receive the desired response. In this case, be prepared to adapt and modify the strategy based on consumer feedback. In addition, monitor the performance of your competitors and always be aware of industry trends.

Warning! Do not be afraid to adjust settings, budget and / or media during the campaign. Set deadlines for re-evaluation. Be prepared to review periodically throughout the campaign and always re-evaluate the original plan and strategy. If you find that the results do not meet the initial objectives, be flexible and adapt quickly.


The post-campaign phase is an opportunity to reflect on the advantages, disadvantages and unpleasant aspects of the advertising campaign in terms of dissemination, media space, return on investment, customer engagement and overall performance.

Analyze the effectiveness of the campaign

Gather as much data as possible and consult detailed statistics and reports to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. Analyze the effectiveness of the media space and determine if it generates the expected revenue. Check the target audience’s interactions with the product and evaluate the consumer’s behavior. Evaluate the return on investment and mark the mistakes that have been made to avoid them in future advertising campaigns.

Collect data and draw ideas

When you have all the data, it’s time to use them. In digital advertising, data is used to create algorithms to optimize advertising campaigns and improve targeting. Data is the best friend of the marketing, so examine it carefully. Aggregate data and look for major and minor trends. Do not look at singular points, especially when they change direction. Look for relationships between correlation and dependency variables or models that help to understand logic. Finally, examine the data from different angles. Invite others to review the data and discuss your impressions.

Opt for digital media

Advertising is more than just creating an attractive banner or ad. A brand can design the brightest advertising in the world, but it would be useless if no one sees it. And you do not just need an audience to see the ad; you need the people most likely to be interested (your target group) to see it.

The secret of successful advertising lies not only in what is shown and how to show it, but also in what place and to whom it is addressed. For this reason, buying media is extremely important. The place where the ad determines the result of the ad campaign as a whole and generates revenue desired by the advertiser or leaves it without pennies.

At the same time, the process of buying media takes a lot of time. No one wants to blow up their entire marketing budget on something that does not work. As a result, the success of the campaign depends heavily on the location of the ad exhibition. When buying media, clearly define your goals and choose the right channel for your marketing.

Today, more and more advertisers are buying digital media because they know that their consumers spend most of their time online. The Internet is the place where your target audiences find themselves. Programmatic advertising allows you to conduct highly targeted campaigns and reach an audience through platforms and channels.

SmartyAds makes programming easy for small to mid-size advertisers, local and global media buyers, brands and agencies.


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