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Importance of email marketing in Cameroon

importance of email marketing in Cameroon

Email marketing is one of the marketing branches that continues to be used on many occasions and whose results are visible from day to day. Despite that a cross-section of Cameroonians aren’t acquainted with using emails, businesses should not relent from using email marketing in Cameroon as the advantages are always greater than the setbacks. Merging prospecting and email marketing could be an asset if you do it correctly. 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a means of mass communication whose purpose is to promote a product, service or brand through email to contacts (customers). , prospects, ambassadors, partners …) of a company. Different from the newsletter, email marketing is a generic word that encompasses all kinds emailing including newsletter.

What are the goals of email marketing?

Direct selling:

 An emailing whose objective is direct selling will use openly advertising techniques to convince the reader to place an order. For example, direct sales emailing typically contains a promotional offer, information about a particular product or product line, and calls to action like “buy the product!”, “Buy now”, etc. This type of emailing is usually called commercial emailing.

Developing customer relationship: 

This will be about Relational emailing, and will consist of reminding your customers and prospects of your existence, without being intrusive, by providing information that interests them as tutorials, blog articles, case studies or customer testimonials. This method does not immediately generate sales, but at least allows you to stay in the mind of the consumer and thus improve your customer relationship.

How important is email marketing in Cameroon?

The use of email-marketing is important to the extent that:

You can write individual messages: 

You can personalize the subject of your email and thus better attract the attention of your customers. This creates a feeling of exclusivity for those concerned who will be better able to react.

Retain your customers:

 Customers who have already purchased an item from your store and have been satisfied with the product and service are more likely to renew their purchases. Often, the reason why customers do not come back to a merchant site is because the offer does not suit them or they have not been satisfied with the customer service. An email has the power to solve this problem miraculously. Keep in mind that being satisfied is not always enough reason for the customer to renew their purchase. Remember to differentiate yourself from the competition and keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis.

Use emailing as a complement to other marketing tools:

 It’s the perfect way to communicate on all your social networks. Do you offer a promotion or organize a quiz on one of your networks? Send emails to attract more people. Facebook, Instagram and company can be considered the most “cool” marketing tools, but do not forget how important a balanced marketing mix is!

Measure your emailing campaigns: 

As mentioned earlier, services like MailChimp make email marketing easier and less complicated than ever before. You have the opportunity to see how many times your mails have been opened and how many people have clicked on the given links. The open clickthrough rate allows you to measure the interest of your recipients about your email.

Lighten Your Costs: 

Attractive prices are one of the great benefits of email marketing. The ROI is up to 40 times higher than mailing by post. Several newsletters and emailing providers offer their services for free up to 2000 contacts.

Save time: 

Compared to traditional mailing, emailing saves a lot of time. The important thing is to send you a test version of your email to check that the links work well and so on. Also remember that different vendors offer a different layout of the content.

Hence, using emailing for your business will be a benefit that no one can afford to ignore in Cameroon. Starting an email campaign will enable you to know who’s opening your mails, taking action on your offer, or unsubscribing. This will equally clear your doubts concerning people using emails or not in Cameroon. The secret with email marketing is to use email marketing tools to monitor your email’s successes and/or failures. Email marketing is an important marketing strategy. Leverage it. 

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