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How to make money on social media

digital marketing strategy

Do you use social media correctly?

Nowadays, social networks occupy an important place in the lives of users. This is the reason why companies and individuals alike must develop their presence on these different platforms. By so doing, it is possible to earn money by engaging a community on these social media platforms, with the most promising in Cameroon being the big 3 : Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Several people are on the internet for the wrong reasons: to spend time doing nothing. Don’t be one of those.You can leverage your time with social media by doing something lucrative that will give you financial freedom. Social media goes way beyond entertainment and laxity, you need to fend for yourself. There is no other easy and cheap way to increase your cash flow than with social media platforms. As you help Mark Zuckerberg make money everytime you browse on Facebook, think of making your own money too. How can you do this? ask no further, here’s how you can make money on social media. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to promote a brand, a business, a product / service and earn money as a commission. As an affiliate, you promote a brand or its products / services on your social media page and when someone or your followers click on it and make a purchase, you earn a commission. In addition, be sure to choose products that fit your niche. 

Always choose your product so that your audience can easily interact on your different social media. But getting to have brands partner with you isn’t easy. You must build your profile as a credible and influential personality who has hundreds of followers. in other words, become an influencer. Learn more on how to become an influencer here. 

  1. Create and promote your products / services:

Social networks are the perfect place to promote your own product / service. No matter how many subscribers you have, you can simply post your products on social media and interested buyers can contact you to make a purchase.

Create quality content (text and images) and offer quality products / services so that people not only want to read, but also want to buy. If you create great content and promote yourself, you will definitely have more sales. Research shows that 94% of people are liable to retain information they see on a visual than plain text. Hence, work closely with a graphic designer. Looking for a graphic designer? We aren’t too far. 

Digital Gong Technologies is a digital marketing agency with a team of creative graphic designers. We create quality and professional graphics that help you sell your services and brand yourself. You might also get a free logo design if you order for our services now. 


  1. Promote the products / services of other people:

Several options are available for you to share sponsored messages that promote the products and services of other companies. This is one of the best direct ways to make money through social networks.

When you start promoting other people’s products / services, you need to be reassured of the quality of these products / services and beware of products / services that are being overpromoted. Promoting too many products or poor products would alter your credibility and would interfere with your subscriber’s pleasure because if they see that you display a product / service daily, they may not click on the links anymore and will probably stop engaging with you.

It is therefore important to promote the products on your social networks according to a calendar of publication, which contains the days, hours and content for your posts. it is also important to know that you must have a solid audience asking brands to promote their services on your page. No enterprise will throw money in the bin, they invest where it is lucrative. So, work on building your audience first, money will come later. 

  1. Sell your services on visual support

Do you sell beauty items, clothes, traditional items? Are you a great writer? Do you have skills in graphic design? Here, no matter what products / services you offer, connect with your audience and sell your services on your social networks.

There are many opportunities to show your products / services on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are excellent channels for sharing visual media; Also Instagram and Pinterest is the best place to hit your target. Just remember to make your visuals appealing. Do not upload poor image quality on these platforms, except in the case that you don’t want to sell.  

  1. Promote your consulting services:

Give the best deals on your consulting services. Social media is the best place to generate leads for your consulting business. You can promote your services by connecting with your target audience on your social media. If you have considerable experience in business, entertainment, or any sector of activity, do not give advice to your audience for free. learn how to monetise your services, and thus promoting your consultancy services at a fair price is a good way to make money on social media. 

  1. YouTube program:

YouTube is a very popular platform for making money online. Create a YouTube channel on a niche theme and join the YouTube Partner program to earn money on advertising.

There are many creators of YouTube content, many Cameroonian influencers who make a lot of money with this program. With the YouTube program, you earn more money, but it takes a lot of time and requires a good strategy. 

But if you don’t excell under the projector, find someone who can talk fluently in front of the camera to partner with.  The secret behind producing quality videos is by being yourself and not forcing things out. 

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

Social networks are an important networking channel for communicating with customers and promoting products / services, the company or the brand to the target audience.

Most large organizations have one or more social media accounts to communicate with their customers and their fans. These types of accounts have a large number of subscribers and can receive hundreds of messages and requests.

Owners of these types of accounts often do not have the time or ability to process requests and messages on a daily basis, so they hire social media managers to manage their accounts for them. You can apply for the position of social media manager, or assistant. just ensure your knowledge of social media spans audience research, google analytics, and paid adverts.  

Ok, we’ve come to the end of this article on how to make money on social media. We hope that the tips we cited above will help you become financially independent through the revenue you earn on your social social. For additional support on using social media to grow your product or service on social media, contact us now. We’re a professional digital marketing agency based in Douala. 

See you soon for a new article !!!

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Belle Linda Kouatchet est la responsable du Marketing Digital à Digital Gong Technologies une agence de marketing digital basée à Douala



Belle Linda Kouatchet is the Head of the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gong Technologies; a creative digital marketing agency based in Douala. She has put together her skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, communication and mastery of digital technologies to the benefit of the company. 

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