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How to grow your business with social media

how to grow your business with social media

How can you grow your business with social media? Entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium size enterprises must use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, to grow their business. This is  because digital communication has become a key factor in the present world of marketing. The problem that arises then is that of which social networks to use? and how to use them. We’ll discuss these key questions in this article. 

Which social network to use for your business?

Wondering on what social networks  you must use to communicate with your audiences according to your activity and your objectives? If you have a BtoB (business to business) clientele and want to communicate cheaply, what better option than to choose Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn is a very interesting professional network for a BtoB activity but it requires a budget of at least 65,000 FCFA per day for paid advertising.

In BtoC (business to consumer), bet on Facebook and Instagram, or use Snapchat if your clientele is young. Remember that unpaid advertising never reaches your entire audience, unlike paid advertising, so at times, invest on adverts to quicken your results. You may decide to advertise after one week, one month, two months or depending on the launch of a new product, service or objective. 

How should you use the social networks?

1- Aim for loyalty

Want to promote your business on social networks? Start by building customer loyalty. Encourage them to love your pages and share your content with their own community. create shareable content to motivate your audience to share your publications.

When your audience become ambassadors of your company, you will see your subscribers increase and visibility sky-rocket. People trust their friends and family more than brands. There’s no better way to grow your community than making your present audience ambassadors of your brand. 

2- Create a publication schedule

When you decide to create business pages for your business, be sure to develop a publishing schedule on your pages. Make regular publications according to your editorial calendar and avoid publishing 2 posts one after the other directly, as this does not leave time for your community to react to your publications. It is thanks to this meticulous organization that your Community Management will bring significant benefits.

3- Interact with your community

By interacting with your audience, you can understand what customers really think about your products / services and possibly use what they suggest to improve. You create a close and trustful connection with your audience despite the screen that separates you. Always react quickly to comments and messages from your subscribers whether they are positive or negative. Show them that you are listening and always ready for them.

4- Vary your publications

Promoting your business on social media does not mean being all the time in self-promotion. You have to let your audience breathe and especially opt for rich, informative, educational, and interactive content. Emphasize practical tips and tricks that will aim to quietly promote your expertise.

You can also value your offers in a humorous and entertaining environment so as not to bore your subscribers. And above all, adapt the method “EACH SOCIAL NETWORK HIS MESSAGE” because it is the best way to succeed in your social media strategy and to convert your community into a real sales force.

5- Use data analytics

To fully know your audience, you must analyze the results obtained on your social networks. These will reveal valuable information about your audience, publications your audience appreciate, days and hours of online presence, and more.

With this wealth of data, you’ll be able to develop an appropriate social media strategy, share content that really interests your audience, and at the right time. You can use analytics tools like google analytics, hubspot, hootsuit or other analytics tools of your choice that you find online. 


By following these 05 tips, you can gain visibility and grow your business through social networks. Think first about an editorial line and topics because you will not post content just to post. To engage your community require frequency, relevance and consistency. If you need support with your social media strategy and content creation, you can contact a digital marketing agency just like us. Click here to talk to us now. We’d love to help you.

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Belle Linda Kouatchet est la responsable du Marketing Digital à Digital Gong Technologies une agence de marketing digital basée à Douala



Belle Linda Kouatchet is the Head of the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gong Technologies; a creative digital marketing agency based in Douala. She has put together her skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, communication and mastery of digital technologies to the benefit of the company. 

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