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How to create a LinkedIn Page for Your Business

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How to create a LinkedIn Page for Your Business

LinkedIn company pages help build brand awareness by providing a channel to promote your products and services to customers and prospects. In this article you will find out how to create a LinkedIn page to promote your business.

LinkedIn is a publicly traded company now (symbol LNKD), which means that information about their revenues, operations and earnings are publicly available. You can gain a lot of insight about a public company by following their investor relations communications to better understand how the business is growing, and what the areas of focus are for the company.

Some steps to creating a linked in page for your business include;

1. Fill in business details for your LinkedIn business page

To get started, go to Interests at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select Companies from the drop-down menu.

2. Add a company logo 

A LinkedIn company page is essentially a piece of real estate for your brand, so make the most of it. Upload your company logo and a banner image to make your page stand out.

Your logo is what LinkedIn users see when they search for your company. It also appears on staff profiles, so make sure that all of your employees add the company page to their profiles to reach a wider audience of LinkedIn users. Resize your logo to the standard logo dimensions of 100 x 60 pixels before uploading it. Also upload a logo that’s 50 x 50 pixels

3. Update your business description

Be sure to give your business details and keep it updated so that members visiting your page for the first time can learn about your business from your profile. Your description should have keywords that you want your company to be known for.

4. Promote your LinkedIn company page by attracting followers

There are several ways in promoting a business page.

Mobilize the workers in your company, encourage employee to include the business in their personal profile. This way, they will receive company’s update and share

Add a link to your page in your email signature and promote your page in newsletters and blog

5. Monitor LinkedIn Insights

LinkedIn provides Follower Insights as well as Page Insights. Under Follower Insights, you can view follower demographics such as industry, seniority and region. For Page Insights, you can track the number of page views, unique visitors and page visitor demographics.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for both B2B and B2C companies. LinkedIn contains millions of key business decision makers, making LinkedIn a valuable source for lead generation. The platform is really easy to use, and businesses can take advantage of it because LinkedIn business pages are for free. If your company is not fully utilizing company pages, follow these simple steps and get started today.

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