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How to become an influencer in Cameroon? - 8 steps to get there.

Some influencers in Cameroon

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be anywhere. They can be anyone, including you. What can make you influential is to have a large audience on the web and social media. How to become an influencer in Cameroon isn’t as hard as it is for people in other countries, since the domain is still new here. 

An influencer can be a popular fashion photographer on instagram, a comedian like Ulrich Takam, Steve Fah, or a well-known blogger like Chedjou Kamdem, Atome blogger and more. Influencers have a proven expertise in their sector of activity and their subscribers eagerly await their expert advice and recommendations.

Influential people exist in all industries. They are easily recognizable by their hundreds (if not millions) of subscribers, and this is the target audience that every marketing director looks for.

An influencer can earn close to or more than a million francs a month from big or small companies. It all depends on their potential and their popularity. Amazing right? How then can you become a Cameroonian influencer and start earning millions? Read on. 

Tips to become a social media influencer in Cameroon

1.Choose your niche

If you want to become a social media influencer, the first thing to do is to find a niche (a specific sector) in which you want to be known. This could be in makeup, comedy, blogging and many others. There are so many, although the most pronounced in Cameroon is comedy. Cameroonians adore entertainment. So even if you choose a different sector like make-up, make it fun. Give your audience that desire to want to spend a good time with you.

2.Choose your platform.

It is important to choose the right social platforms on which audiences with your brand interests might engage with you. Three of the most important social networks on which influencers are developing in Cameroon is Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, with Facebook beating the other two by far. Based on aggregate data StatCounter collected on a sample of pageviews per month on social media platforms in Cameroon, it showed that facebook alone stood at 89.49% page views per month compared to Instagram (1.7%) and Youtube (1.3%). Stats of October 2019. 

3. Be regular and consistent. 

After you have decided what types of content you will post, you need to finalise a posting frequency and schedule. Most social media algorithms give preference to accounts that post regularly. On Facebook, Instagram and youtube, you can get away with posting only once or twice a day. But on a platform like twitter which is dynamic in nature, you need to post very often for increased visibility.


Don’t be discouraged with the few engagements you will get at the start. Keep posting regularly and consistently. It’ll pay you dividends along the way.  


4. Prioritize your content.

It is extremely important to publish unique and authentic content that appeals to your audience. In fact, it’s the only way to keep your audience hooked to your content. Whatever type of content you create, it should be meaningful and useful. Work a lot to create content that will differentiate you in one way or another from the crowd of influencers. You are lucky to be in Cameroon, anyways, since influencers haven’t saturated the market yet like it is the case in other countries. The opportunity to stand out is enormous. Don’t wait any longer.

5. Engage with your audience

Once you start posting content on social media, you’ll often get “likes” and comments. As an influencer, it’s important to connect with your followers – you definitely can not ignore their comments. It is recommended that you respond to comments and questions that your followers would ask you. Engaging with your subscribers not only helps you create personal connections, but also consolidates your position as an influencer.


As an influencer, it’s important to connect with your followers.

You definitely can not ignore their comments.


6. Create relationships. 

As a newcomer to the world of influencers, you need to contact other people and brands in your industry. Talk with other influencers, comment on and like their posts, exchange ideas, in fact engage with their profiles. The intention here is to be noticed. it does not matter if others see you as a groupie. As much as you know what you want and know how to get there, turn a deaf ear to mockery. 

7.Promote yourself.

You want your content to be seen by as many people as possible. And that can not happen if you do not promote yourself. Because you are new, your audience might rarely share your content, so be your own town cryer. Share your content everywhere, where it may seem interesting of course. if you want to become a political blogger for example, there are ace bloggers like Mimi Mefo for Mimi Mefo Info,  Prince Hans Nchanji for CNA. so, engage with their personal profiles, share links to your own blog consistently.

8.Connect with brands. 

The last step in your quest to become an influencer is to announce it to the world. You must be an influencer interested in brand collaborations. You can do this by clearly stating in your “About” that you are an influencer and that you are interested in collaborations. You can also contact relevant brands and let them know what you can offer. It is best to design an outreach template that you can use to send to different brands, as this will save you a lot of time.

So these wre the 8  steps you should take to become an influencer in Cameroon. If  this article was helpful to you, please leave us a review on our website or comment below. And if you want to work with experts to build your audience and establish yourself as a leading influencer, reach out to us right away. We would love to work with you. 

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