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Design & Development
  • Any Company’s Website is the face of that company in the digital realm and its appearance decides the first impression on your clients.
  • At Digital Gong, the web design agency in Cameroon, we understand the impact of website design to any business. The fast growing pace of digital world demands a relevant design that speaks the idea and concept of your company

Starts at 150,000FCFA only


Design & Branding
  • We do everything digital by merging technology, design and, marketing. Graphic Design is all about translating your message through visuals given form and structure.
  • Our designs are visually striking and drive your clients to action. We’ve worked with a broad range of companies – which means we reasonably got some insight into what your customers need to see. •

Starts at 50,000FCFA only

Our Digital Marketing Services

We know how to make digital marketing work for your brand. The world is going online and so are brands in order to reach and interact with their customers. We blend technology, marketing, and design to offer to you a complete digital marketing package.

We blend digital marketing, website development and designing

A digital marketing agency which knows how to use the internet and related technologies, to find the most valuable area of digital opportunity for your business no matter the size or location of your company. We put our efforts to increase customer satisfaction.We are just the extension your business. We have the required skills

Design and Branding85%
Digital Marketing95%
Web Design & Development99%
Web Analytics90%

Case Studies

Digital Gong Technologies is a B2B Full service Digital Marketing agency that helps  companies increase brand visibility, grow communities and increase sales online.  Our strategy is bridging the gab between technology, Design and  Marketing  to find the right digital opportunity for our clients. We’ve been in the online marketing business since 2016 serving companies like Asfar Travel,  Allevoyage, Global Auto Gadgets, and many more small and medium size companies in cameroon and beyond.  Go through the slides to see some of our  case studies:

    We Know Digital Marketing and How to Code

    There’s nothing more off-putting than a poorly designed website, and often, it kills credibility. Your presence and visibility on the internet depends on good content and beautifully designed website that is SEO friendly.

    Digital Media Strategy

    People gather on the Internet to research, learn, buy, watch, listen, and communicate.

    Web Design and development

    Our experienced Web developers and Designers will begin to Develop the code, database, site pages and the graphics.

    Search Engine Friendly

    Setting your company’s goals isn’t just enough. Our SEO team wants to answer the question of how your website will maximize its contribution to obtaining those goals. 

    Wordpress development

    Top CMS Customization

    Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal  The Best CMS For Your Website

    • WordPress Customization
    • Joomla Customization
    • Drupal Customization


    Our digital marketing process is founded by strategy and based on analytics.
    graphic design


    Measurement is hugely significant when it comes to guaranteeing the effectiveness of our work in growing your business. 

    Strategy Planning

    Based on your target audience we’ll develop a powerful digital marketing plan that aligns with your unique business goals.


    Once the digital marketing plan is fully deployed we will coordinate weekly check-in to make sure our efforts are giving you the right results.

    Goal Discuss

    During the Discussion phase, we dive deep into your project to understand the market, target audience, competitors, and goals.

    Interested in our service now?

    We meet with you via chat, email, phone or in person to truly understand your business objectives.
    Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!