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Five Reasons You Need A Website For Your Small Business

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If you run a small business in Cameroon, chances are that you have wondered if you need a website for your small business. Frankly, you really need one, unless you are a business owner who is not interested in growing your brand and boosting your sales online.  

 In modern times, it is very uncommon for a business to exist without a website. This is because people are frequently searching for valuable information online. Cameroon alone has close to 7 million active internet users. So what happens when someone searches for a  product or service related to your business but you have no website to showcase your expertise, and are nowhere to be found on the internet?? Well, I’ll leave you the picture. Before we explain the reasons why you need a website for your small business in Cameroon, here is a brief definition of a website.

What is website?

A website is a powerful communication tool for individuals and professionals alike. It is the window of your business online, and its appearance determines the impressions clients would have about you. A website isn’t only important for large businesses. Whether you have a local or brand-new enterprise, you need a website. Your website is the online equivalent of your physical business.With a well designed, functional and informative website, you stand the chance to open your relationship with a visitor and turn them into a loyal client.

Still unsure on why you should have a website for your business?? Let’s take you through the reasons you need one.

Four reasons you need a website for your small business.

    1. Increase customer reach. 

Every business owner, big or small, has a dream to increase its customer base. But with your brick and mortar  business, it is difficult to achieve this objective because of the limited number of people who can visit you, let alone find you. Having a business website opens your business to a global market and as such, increases your customer reach.  With a good company website, you can have thousands and tens of thousands of people reading about your services, your mission and your vision and return with a good image of you. Imagine the potential for your small business? 

     2. More credibility and professionalism.

With the growing number of internet insecurity in the world, and in Cameroon in particular, people have become more and more vigilant and skeptical about online sales. If you want to engage into digital marketing, you must consider building your self or enterprise some online credibility, and having a website for your small business is the best decision you can take. Websites provide a sense of  credibility and further establishes your brand as a professional service. Without a website, most people may see your business as another online scam, or in another case,  may not acknowledge your brand just because it cannot be found online. A website gives your audience the reassurance they need to trust your brand. Thus, if you are thinking of marketing your business on the internet, please do get a website. 

      3. 24/7 hour availability. 

A key benefit of having a website for your agency is that your clients and prospects can read about your products, services, place inquiries and if you incorporate an online shop on the website, you give customers the chance to place orders at any time. Even when you are on vacation or in the toilet,oops, you still  make sales or generate leads. How interesting it is.  Odds are that you may have lost several clients with your physical store, because you didn’t show up on time to cater for their needs. Humans are increasingly impatient and your business shouldn’t suffer the consequences. A website spares you such losses. Even if you are caught up in an emergency, your clients can interact with your business website conveniently.

     4. Outsmarting your competition.

A well structured and professional website places your business at a competitive edge, no matter how small and new it is in the business environment. Having a website and optimising it with an SEO strategy enables it to rank as high as possible on the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, surpassing larger businesses and relegating them to the bottom. Note that positioning your local business very high on Google’s first page creates a feeling of confidence in the users as they see that Google trusts your website enough to make it rank this high. You see that following a good SEO strategy for your business website and equally on your social media pages, eventually situates your business as a leader in its domain, even if you are just a few months old in your industry. 

     5. Analyse and understand the behaviour of visitors on your website. 

A website is an absolute opportunity for you to gather information about your customer behaviour. Your website will allow you through GOOGLE ANALYTICS, to gather a lot of useful information to understand the behaviour of visitors to the site and to know the following:

  • How many real visitors per day on your website ?
  • How long are the visitors on your site?
  • Where do your visitors come from (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, other site …)
  • Which pages do they visit and what is their path?
  • What is their way of accessing your website?
  • Which content on your page they interact with the most

The aforementioned information will help you to design more persuasive messages to attract your audience and have them stay longer on your page, complete your CTAs, understand what works and what doesn’t and give you an insight on your audience demographics for competent targeting. 

Summatively, having a website for your small business is exceedingly beneficial for businesses  trying to increase their ROI, drive more sales, maximise customer reach and challenge the competition. Also, giving visitors the best online shopping experience, with a built-in ecommerce in your website is a plus for more sales.

But, however the importance of websites, being able to have thousands of visitors and satisfying them are two different things. Websites are good, but a well designed, functional and user friendly website is even better. 

That is why businesses veritably interested in making a long term profit online should consider paying the price, and setting up the best website, professionally designed from expert website developers, like us, by the way. 

At digital Gong technologies, we design quality and user friendly websites, update websites for mobiles, redesign your ecommerce website (and make you the best online shopping site in cameroon), develop your website from scratch and provide website maintenance.

If you are still on the fence about contacting us for your website development, here is a guide to help you create your own cost-effective website. 

How to set up your small business website

There are several ways to set up a website. the most popular way is to use readily available platforms like Content Management Sytem (CMS) or web builders, while the most complicated way would be to learn how to code HTML, CSS, JavaScrit and PHP – the basics of practically any website.

If you aren’t very familiar with the technical side of codes, you can easily set up a good website with Web builders. Learn more about web builders here.

 Some examples of web builders are Wix, Shopify and Weebly. Let’s use Wix to set up a website for your small business.  

Creating a website with Wix.

Wix is the world’s popular website design platform. It’s flexible, quick, fun and easy to use for everyone. The drag and drop feature is fluid and you can easily customize media. Steps to build your website with Wix.


Step 1: Sign Up

 Wix offers seven different Premium Plans. The more you pay, the more you can diversify your choices. While you can also choose a free plan, the advertising pop ups on your screen would be an eyesore, plus, you won’t be able to choose your domain name. So we recommend you choose a premium plan.


Step 2. Choose a Template.

To get started, select Create a New Site from the site drop drop down menu in the top right corner of the dash board. Once you click, Wix will ask what type of website you want. It has numerous options, from Business, Events, Blog, photography, Accomodation and much more . from there it will take you to the template selection, with over 500 samples.


  1. Update text and images.

You will now be taken to a preview of your template. First, you need to update your company, portfolio or blog details. And if your template comes with images, but you don’t like them, click it and switch it for anything you like. It could be a saved photo from your business or anything you like. You can also change your template’s background. The choice is all yours.


  1. Add Apps

Apps in Wix enables you to add additional features to your website if you are worried your website is too plain. Wix’s App market has over 250 amazing applications to boost your site. They cover everything from online stores and forums, to restaurant orders and quizzes. Each app has a thumbnail preview with either a free or Premium price option or both.

  1. Set up a blog

If you have reached this far, it means you are ready to start posting content. Keep your audience in the loop with a professional good-looking blog page, fully intergrated to your site. A website blog is key to optimising your website visibility on search engines. But before writing, come up with a content strategy to help you to be found by both your target audiences and google bots.  Google bots is a robot that finds key words on websites that match with the user’s search queries, and positions the websites on the Search Engine Result Page in rank of importance

  1. Sell using e-commerce.

Ready to sell? You can set up your online store on wix. Click ‘Add’, then scroll down to ‘Store” on the menu. Hit the ‘Add to Site’ button to sell your products, create coupons and set up payment easily.

Step 8: Publish

Throughout the wix editing process, you can preview your masterpiece with the button in the top right corner. Once you’re satisfied, simply click ‘Publish’ next to preview, and it’s live.

So, now you have a website. We are happy for you. But before you go, don’t forget one thing: a website is an investment and not a cost. Reflect again before selecting your website platform or developer.  




We Can Help

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