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Digital Marketing
why you should outsource to a digital marketing agency

Benefits of working with a digital marketing agency

Outsourcing your online marketing efforts to a digital marketing agency is best, here’s why: Whether you are a start up, SME or large enterprise, outsourcing your digital marketing services is a possibility you should consider using. The entire reason for outsourcing is that outsourced marketers run your campaigns so you can run your business smoothly.
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why is social media is important to your business

Why is social media important to your business?

More than ever, social media is part of our daily life and its use is therefore important, whether for small, medium or large companies. Every business has something to gain by being active on social media.The benefits of using social media for your business can be multiple;
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digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy for your small business.

In this modern digital era where every brand is online, it’s important to come up with a strategy that will succeed in skyrocketing your business. If you have no idea on how to do that,  here are 8 steps to get you the perfect digital marketing strategy for your small business.
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12 best website builders in 2020

12 best website builders in 2020

Your website is your home on the internet and a website builder is an easy tool to help have one without a thorough knowldege of coding. In this article, we have reveiwed the 12 best website builders for fast and easy web designing.
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web development with HTML and CSS

Learn HTML and CSS in 2020

Regardless of what your profession is, HTML and CSS are great skills to have. They are beneficial to learn for developers, marketers, and people in many other disciplines. Even a little knowledge of these coding languages can make a big difference in your career. 
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My experience at Digital Gong

My Digital Marketing Experience at Digital Gong Technologies

My internship period at Digital Gong Technologies was the best experience i ever had. I leave the digital marketing agency sad, but honored to have worked with such an amazing group of people. I pen down my experience in digital marketing at the agency in this article
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