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Digital marketing services

Digital marketing services in Cameroon

Digital marketing services in Cameroon

Digital marketing refers to all marketing techniques used on digital media and channels to promote products or services.

In digital marketing an essential notion emerges, interactivity, and unlike traditional marketing, it puts the customer at the heart of its strategy.

In this article, we will briefly introduce you to the different services that are available in digital marketing.

  • Marketing via social networks

In order to reach an ever-growing audience, digital marketing will almost force a company to be present enough on social networks. This is now a sine qua non condition to make itself known on the internet. Most, if not almost all, Internet users are present on social networks, according to their preferences. So if a company wants to have a chance to make itself known and to get qualified leads, it has to be present on social networks.

The most used social networks in Cameroon are : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube. These conversational platforms provide their members with interactive communication tools and interfaces.

Their large audience makes them essential marketing and advertising tools for many digital marketing players. We can also underline here the social selling and all that concerns the promotion of its products / services or the search for potential customers via social networks.

  • The design of websites

One of the most essential techniques in digital marketing is undoubtedly the creation of a showcase site, a blog or a merchant site, depending on the type of activity the company is conducting. 

Owning a website allows you to publicize all the activities of a company, the services it offers, and many other details such as address, reputation through the products and services already provided, etc. This allows the company to open up to the world. 

Read this article to better understand why you need a website.

  • Natural referencing or SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the branches of search engine marketing/advertising (SEA). This concept of digital marketing refers to all the techniques used to optimize a website or web pages.

In other words, this service aims to position you at the top of the results on search engines such as Google, following targeted requests from Internet users.

Natural referencing or SEO includes the optimization of a site’s pages and the search for external links. 

Remember that there are 2 possibilities to find a company on the internet:

Either the Internet user knows the name of the company and enters it directly on Google, either the Internet user enters a query on a search engine relating to your company’s sector of activity and finds your company among the results.

Thus the goal of any company is to appear on the first page of Google search. The content produced by the company will thus answer the questions that Internet users ask about its activity … and more.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing, in other words, marketing of content, refers to all practices aimed at providing prospects or customers with a certain amount of important content. The work around content marketing is relatively specialized, because it is about meeting specific needs by attracting the customer to oneself.

The company will then have to create specific content according to a product or a service by dealing with the issues surrounding it. The goal being that the consumer easily finds the product / service he needs thanks to the content disseminated.

The exposure and distribution of content has become more popular thanks to the development of the internet. In this digital marketing market, content marketing strategies are generally developed within the framework of B2B or B2C marketing. 

Content marketing has several objectives:

  1. Generate more visits and leads
  2. Provide customer support
  3. Promote a lot of sales thanks to product descriptions and videos
  4. Enhancing a brand etc.
  • Affiliation

Affiliation on the Internet is an e-marketing technique allowing an advertiser website to promote its products or services by offering remuneration to other publisher websites (affiliates) in exchange for a contribution of sales, registrations or traffic.

Affiliates are remunerated by commissions on sales, visits, or if business contacts to be processed are generated via their affiliate links.

The methods of remuneration can be varied, most often:

  1. Percentage-based remuneration. This percentage, calculated on the total amount of the sale, is paid back to the affiliate who generates it.
  2. A fixed remuneration. This fixed amount is paid to the affiliate as soon as he or she generates a lead, for example, a request for quotation, or a subscription to a newsletter. (see Cost per lead)
  3. A pay-per-click fee. A fixed amount will be paid to the affiliate for each click generated to the advertiser’s site. (see Cost per click)

Some advertisers have their own affiliate programs, such as Amazon, eBay or Airbnb for example. An affiliate program provides affiliates with text links, banners, and product catalogs. 

The product catalogs are used by price comparison affiliates and retargeting affiliates.

  • Online advertising or display advertising

Display advertising corresponds to the purchase of advertising space on the Internet, i.e. classic advertising in web version.

The display can be distributed on computers, mobiles and tablets. It is presented in the form of digital advertising formats, such as banners, paving stones, packaging, etc. In addition, the effectiveness of a display campaign is measured by the click rate.

The advertiser pays for its advertising campaign either on a cost-per-thousand (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC) or per-insert basis. As for the rates, they depend on the notoriety, the number of visits to the site where the display campaign is broadcast, but also on the type (banners, cobblestones, dressing…) and the duration of the campaign.

There are several forms of display advertising:

  1. The classic display
  2. The video display
  3. The display on the computer
  4. The display on mobiles and tablets

Of all these areas, video displays have dominated this market for the past few years.

  • E-mail marketing

One of the most powerful digital marketing tools is certainly emailing. Carrying out emailing campaigns, i.e. sending mass personalized emails to well-chosen targets, is an extremely important task. This action makes it possible to increase the number of prospects and to acquire a fairly large database of potential customers. It is a fairly easy to manage task with enormous benefits. 

Among other things, it helps to increase the loyalty of existing customers, and is a determining factor in a marketing automation action, i.e. pushing the prospect to make a purchase. 

All this is done thanks to a web analysis, in particular on the behaviour of your visitors on the web. Collecting all the data related to their tastes and habits, that’s what big data is all about. This allows you to refine your emailing campaigns, and more broadly your marketing and sales actions.

  • SMS marketing

SMS marketing refers to the sending of short messages to prospects and for commercial purposes. It is one of the 3 pillars of digital promotion.

Similar to emailing, SMS (Short Message Service) is a communication tool widely used by companies wishing to communicate quickly with a specific target. SMS is also used as a reminder solution for abandoned shopping carts in e-commerce.

Nowadays, well, especially in Cameroon, SMS is ahead of emailing, hands down. 


We are at the end of this article. We’ve said a few words about what digital marketing is all about and we’ve taken the time to explain in detail the services it offers.

We hope the article helped you. Stay tuned for future articles.

Please leave your comments in the comments section and get to us anytime when in need of digital marketing services for your business or activity. You can also scour our website here.

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Belle Linda Kouatchet est la responsable du Marketing Digital à Digital Gong Technologies une agence de marketing digital basée à Douala



Belle Linda Kouatchet is the Head of the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gong Technologies; a creative digital marketing agency based in Douala. She has put together her skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, communication and mastery of digital technologies to the benefit of the company. 

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