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Cost of wesite design in Cameroon

Average cost of website design in Cameroon

Cameroon counts a multitude of web design agencies. With businesses and individuals realising the importance of establishing their businesses online, the sector of web site design in Cameroon has grown like never before, and the cost of its design along with it. Before we reveal the average cost of a website design in Cameroon, we think you should get more enlightened on what a website is and its different genres. 

What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages and resources linked by hyperlinks, defined and a ccessible by a web address. It is the online equivalent of physical businesses; and consequently its usage in Cameroon is noticeable – regardless of the sector of activity. Creating websites for businesses and individuals alike  stems up from a need to get worldwide exposure. Check out our article on the importance of websites for small businesses. 

Types of Websites

There are several types of websites, all different in design and plugins. A study has been carried out on various agencies offering web design and digital marketing services. The costs of designing vary from agency to agency and also, the design rates for website design in Cameroon depend on the kind of websites. Before diving into the cost of website design, lets take a look at the different types of websites to understand why the costs differ.

  1. Showcase Website 

Here, the website serves as a digital showcase. It presents the company, its values, its services… This type of site has a triple action for the company:  deliver a controlled speech about the company; Give it visibility on the search engines and;  generate leads contacts. A showcase website represents your business. Its main mission is to reflect the image of your company on the web and work your reputation.

        2. Institutional Website

A institutional site is a website that aims to inform and reflect a good image of your association, organization or public institution. This kind of site does not belong to a company. It is mainly for communities, schools, churches, clubs, or politicians. What makes institutinal websites unique from others is that it is non commercial. 

        3. Event Website

An event website is usually ephemeral, its purpose is to communicate about an event. It  is practically a cost-free digital advertisement for the event you’re organizing. But even though it’s relatively easy to create a page, you want to make sure attendees are prepared with the details. An event website is a cost-effective way to advertise your upcoming event.

      4. Ecommerce Website

This is your online store. This type of website references products and makes purchases directly on the internet. A variant of the e-commerce site is the site called “catalog”: it presents products in detail but does not allow to make purchases directly on the internet.

      5. Catalogue and Brochure

If you have a product or a service that does not require payment online, then an online catalogue or brochure will enable you to display what you have on offer and attract potential clients. Spreading the word about a business used to be limited to television, print or radio, however a website gives a much wider reach. Online brochures are a great idea for dental surgeries, hair salons, holiday destinations and manufacturers.

    6. Personal blog or Corporate

Personal blogs are online journals that reflect the blogger’s personal opinions or views on a given topic. Many times, personal blogs don’t have a goal other than to communicate with a small circle of followers. Corporate blogs are utilized to promote products, services or expertise in an area that the company specializes in. A corporate blog can also be used to drive public relations, and communicate effectively with employees or shareholders.

    7. Web application

web application is a web site that does more than displaying content, it has a business logic. It’s intended for user interactions, performing actual business functions. Compared to other web sites, i.e. blogs and news sitesweb apps provide a richer user experience.


                                     COST OF WEBSITE DESIGN IN CAMEROON

Here is the approximate amount of what website developers in cameroon may charge you for your website design. Note that the price tag will vary according to the website type, the design agency or freelancer you are contacting. 


Type of site

 Time frame of realization

   Estimated costs

Web application

  1 to 12 months  

  From 1.000.000 F CFA

E-commerce site

  1 to 6 months

  From 700,000 CFA francs

Catalogue and Brochure.

  1 to 3 months

  From 500.000 F CFA

Showcase website

  1 week to 1 month

  From 150.000 F CFA

Institutional website 

  1 to 3 months

  From 250,000 F CFA


  1 week to 1 month

  From 100,000 CFA francs


The web designs above are those that are popularly solicited from clients in Cameroon. Websites can be customised to answer to the needs of the client. That is, an e-commerce website can be integrated in  a Showcase website, so as a blog into an institutional website and so on. Hence, prices will increase depending on the added design and functionality. 

Do you have any more questions on the cost of website design in Cameroon? if you do , please let us know your worries in the comment section. 

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