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Blog VS Website

As it goes, all Cameroonians are Africans but not all Africans are Cameroonians; it goes same with blogs and websites – All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

Hey! “Do I need a blog or a website?”, “Am not a blogger what is the importance of a blog to my website?”, “How do I add a blog to my website?” – These are the most common questions we get from our audience. All these questions are very important ones and this article will show you exactly how to understand these terms and how they will help you meet your goals.

As it goes, all Cameroonians are Africans but not all Africans are Cameroonians; it goes same with blogs and websites – All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

In simple terms, a  website (Site on web) is really anyplace you can visit online with a URL or  Domain  or in simple terms website address(http://www.digitalgong.com) and it allows you to view content(video,pictures,audio,and text). So essentially EVERYTHING on the internet is a website! So.  A blog is a type of website (Web log= Blog).


  • Websites have static content ie. content is not regularly updated.
  • Websites are either for basic information sharing or for sales.
  • A website has only one-way communication.
  • Websites are Transactional in nature e.g. eCommerce website like Jumia.cm, website of banks, schools,hospitals…
  • Communication about products and/or services, e.g. the website of companies in cameroon like; digital gong technologies, MTN Cameroon, UBA Cameroon, administrative websites.
  • Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is a requirement in business today, and also for personal branding.
  • With websites you have limited earned SEO (Search engine optimization)


  • Blog Content is regularly updated.
  • Blogs are created to engage users and bring in attention and traffic, while not generate revenue?
  • A blog is a social interface where visitors may interact through likes, comments, and shares.
  • A blog can either be for entertainment, Education or information.
  • Quality and regularly updated content make a good blog.
  • With blogs you have massive earned SEO(Search engine optimization)
  • Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style. However, now there are many corporate blogs that produce a lot of informational and thought-leadership style content e.g. the blogs of companies in Cameroon like Orange Cameroon,Digital Gong technologies

Basic features of Blogs:

  • A chronological listing of blog posts.
  • A commenting system that invites readers to participate in the communication and leave behind comments.
  • Blog posts are archived by date, category, author, tags, and sub-categories, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for posts and/or comments for feed-readers like Feedly, etc.

A website can include a blog, in the form of a sub-domain or separate page and linked to the homepage. A website could be anything from a single static page to a Billion-users social network (like Facebook).

Basic identification of a website:

  • A homepage that displays content from several sections of internal website pages.
  • An About Us page that gives detail information about the company including their vision, mission, goals, values, and team.
  • A design portfolio of work.
  • A blog might be a part of a website, but not the only thing (highly recommended).
  • A FAQ (Frequently asked questions page) that readers can browse to get more information.
  • A page of client testimonials and feedback. Company’s terms and privacy statements pages.
  • A Contact form that allows visitors to get in touch.
  • A services/products page that displays what they have to offer for the visitors.

What do you want? a website or a blog?

Based on our discussions, it is now clear what a website or a blog is. We are going to hint you on how to make a choice based on your objectives and goals.

When you put your objectives and strategies together, you will clearly see what to go for. For example, if you are more concerned with creating content (educative, entertaining and informative) on a regular basis for others to read, you should go with a blog.

If you want a full featured online portal with many functionalities and possibilities, you should go with a website. If you run a business, then you must have a website combined with a blog.

Creating both website and a blog site may cost money if you wish to own it 100%, If you have made your choice we can give you a free quote; There are also a ton of hosted sites that let you do guest blogging for free and earn some traffic in the process, yes! your online reputation is built. Examples of guest blogging websites are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

One thing which you should also know is that the most popular blogging platform WordPress can always be used as a Website, and you will get SEO advantages and easy content management. If you want to go for WordPress we can always develop a professional SEO WordPress theme for your project.

We hope this article helped answer your questions about  the difference between a blog and a website. You may also want to visit our portfolio to see some of the websites and blogs we have built for our clients in Cameroon.

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Mbaapoh Zonepoh

Mbaapoh is self learner who knows how to “extract juice from the noisy internet”. He sees the internet as a
free university where determination and enthusiasm can propel you to acquiring multitude of skills for
free. He is a Multi threaded leader with great skills and experiences from Creative design, Web Design,
data analysis, digital Marketing, science and engineering. Doulbes as the CEO and Founder of Digital Gong Technologies, your full services digital agencey in Douala Cameroon.



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