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5 tips for creating a blog for your small business

5 tips for creating a blog for your small business

You’ll find advice on how to start a blog for your small business all around you. Yes, the benefits are many, but simply opening a blog and writing content isn’t enough to get qualified traffic.

Your blog may bring you traffic, brand awareness, and prospects, but not right away. So you need to be patient to get the results you want.

Here are 05 tips to help you create a blog for your small business. Read them carefully and put them into practice for a successful blog.

  1. Define the purpose of your blog

The first thing to decide before you even start writing the first line of your corporate blog is to define what the purpose of the blog is:

  • Is it to make you known?
  • Is it to find customers?
  • Is it to publicize and promote your products/services?
  • Is it to share your know-how?
  • Etc.

In this framework, you must define who is your target and direct your blog towards this well-defined target.

Then, define which messages you want to convey and in which form you want to convey them (text, images, videos, audio).

2. Define your audience

Defining your audience is an important step in the creation of your corporate blog in that it will allow you to better target your messages, your content and define your editorial line.

If you try to talk to everyone, or to please everyone, it will become very complicated to interest and retain people by identifying their needs.

Poor targeting is one of the common mistakes in content marketing.

So remember to work on this step before you go headfirst.

3. Define your targets

Who is your product / service for?

By defining your ideal customer as well as possible, it will allow you to understand his habits, interests and needs.

You will then have leads to create interesting content on your blog.

A few questions to try to find out as much as possible about your ideal customer:

  • What is the scope of your product (local, regional, national)?
  • Do you sell to companies or individuals?
  • What are the preferences for reading materials?
  • What is the age, gender and standard of living of your ideal customer?
  • Your customer’s passions?
  • The problems your customer has?

Once the information has been gathered, you will be able to create personas (profile of the ideal customer) to accompany you in the creation of your editorial line and in the creation of your editorial strategy.

4. Easily obtain content for your Blog 

You will have retained it, it is better to post short articles regularly, and to make large articles from time to time to become a reference in your sector of activity.

The easiest way is to make an inventory of all the articles you have already written or participated in and put them on your blog:

– Powerpoint presentations,

– texts for customer presentations,

– notes on a marketing operation,

– activity report,

– newsletter texts

– Etc

However, be careful with data confidentiality, one of your customers will not necessarily be happy to see his name mentioned in your articles!

Then you have to look at the articles that work well in the blogs of your theme.

Don’t forget to make links from your new articles to your best old ones, it’s an excellent way to give more weight to an article.

 5. Disseminating content

Once your content is published on your blog, make sure you promote it properly to your communities.

They will be able to help you make your content known to their acquaintances.

To distribute your content, you have :

  • Social networks
  • Specialized platforms
  • Your newsletter
  • Etc.

So we have arrived at the end of this article, we hope it will help you set up a corporate blog that really works!

Feel free to ask us your questions in the comments of this article or leave your opinions.

See you soon for another inspiring article or you can read the previous ones here


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