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  • A new way to communicate
  • A lever to gain authenticity
  • Encouraging word of mouth
  • Integrate an entire community into your campaigns
  • A lever that meets many objectives

5 reasons why your business needs influence marketing

5 reasons why your business needs influence marketing

5 reasons why your business needs influence marketing

What is influence marketing?

Simply put, influence marketing is a communication strategy that allows companies to disseminate information about their brands, products and/or services through influential people on the web and/or social networks.

The principle here is to improve the image or notoriety of the brand through targeted communication to a qualified audience.

Contrary to the celebrity marketing technique, influence marketing allows a good control of the diffusion of information and a better definition of quality content.

 It is organized in 3 key steps:

  • Determining the target and potential buyers of the brand
  • Identify influencers who have a similar audience to your target audience.
  • to have these influencers relay (share) information
  • Why does your company need influence marketing?

Digital has become an absolute must for brands that are aware that the internet can change everything in one click. Influence marketing is a discipline whose advantages are very different from other marketing styles.

Influencers know their audiences and are able to better communicate with them thanks to the distribution of content that appeals to them. Their audience is certainly smaller than that of some media, but also much more specific and likely to interact because their affinity with the influencer makes them receptive to their ideas. A message coming from an influencer will seem more authentic and attractive than a message coming directly from the brand.

Influencers are not only brand ambassadors but also true information relays whose legitimacy surpasses that of the traditional media.

Here are 5 good reasons to include influence marketing in your strategy.

  1. A new way to communicate

Unlike traditional marketing tools, influence marketing requires different approaches and strategies.

Influencers should not be seen as a simple new marketing lever, but rather as partners with whom to create new ways of communicating. They each have their own approach, audience and universe that may require different forms of messages.

As a brand, it is important to remain open and curious about the approach of each influencer you decide to collaborate with.

Popular and established influencers often have a better understanding of how their subscribers respond to certain messages and types of content. They know how the message is most effectively delivered and their experience can bring new approaches to your brand.

The best way to do this is to involve the influencer marketing in your strategy and planning, without compromising brand identity, objectives and guidelines.

2. A lever to gain authenticity

Influence marketing has the obvious advantage of guaranteeing a certain authenticity.

But as the use of influencers has become more common, consumers have also become aware of the presence of these sponsored messages. This has inevitably led to social network users becoming tired of the many sponsored posts in their news feed. Therefore, it is important that companies strive to find credible and authentic personalities to become brand ambassadors.

By finding an influencer that matches your brand and its values, you are also more likely to maintain a consistent brand image.

An influencer, whose communication, attitudes and messages are aligned with your brand values, will most likely like your product and your brand. Therefore, an analysis of the influencer’s editorial line and previous published content is important.

If you find the influencer in line with your company’s values, your campaigns will benefit from an authenticity that is difficult to achieve through traditional marketing methods. But keep in mind that to achieve this authenticity, it is important that the influencer in question has the flexibility and freedom to adapt his message and communication to his own universe.

3. Encouraging word of mouth

Often, contact with the right influencer can be the starting point for a successful marketing strategy and increase the word-of-mouth phenomenon around your brand.

It is even common for some influencers to contact by themselves the brands they want to collaborate with.

Choosing the right influencers is therefore crucial for your influencer marketing strategy, so it is important to find the right influencers to get your message across to their audiences.

4. Integrate an entire community into your campaigns

By using the right social media strategies, you can integrate an entire community of consumers into your campaign.

The use of hashtags is a good example of this, as they allow anyone to join a discussion and publicly share their customer opinions about your brand. This opportunity for interaction can create good relationships between the company and customers, becoming voluntary influencers.

A positive, organic and authentic sharing of your brand can have a significant positive effect on the knowledge and perception of your brand. Social media can create a much wider range for your brand image.

5. A lever that meets many objectives

Influence marketing can help your business in many ways:

  • Improving brand image
  • Generate sales
  • Learn / Inspire consumers to use your products 
  • Generate user content
  • Promote the launch of a new product or brand identity
  • Reaching a specific target audience not reached by other platforms
  • Inspire new approaches to your brand and marketing

In short, keep the following elements in mind to ensure that your influence marketing campaign is a success.

Using influencers on social networks is a popular and effective marketing tactic to reach a large audience and increase awareness of your brand.
Credibility, attractiveness and reliability are key indicators of an influencer’s ability to influence.
Don’t rush headlong into finding the right influencer for your brand, who can deliver an authentic message to the particular audience you are trying to reach. Above all, be frank in your approach.

Don’t hesitate to leave your questions or comments with us. And if you want to discover how Digital Gong Technologies can help you in your influence marketing strategy, contact us here. 

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Belle Linda Kouatchet is the Head of the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gong Technologies; a creative digital marketing agency based in Douala. She has put together her skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, communication and mastery of digital technologies to the benefit of the company. 

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