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7 common misconceptions about digital marketing

7 common misconceptions about digital marketing

7 common misconceptions about digital marketing

When you hear of the word  “digital marketing” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Many people in Cameroon look at digital marketing the wrong way. Some think that you must have a lot of money before taking your business online or that only big companies succeed in that milieu. Are you guilty of these thoughts too?  

Whatever knowledge you have about digital marketing, there’s the possibility that some of your opinions may be misled or uninformed, thereby hindering you from leveraging the full potential digital marketing offers for your small business.

There are tons of misconceptions about internet marketing, but before we discuss them, here’s a short definition of what digital marketing is. 

“Digital marketing” is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. This type of marketing is typically geared towards the Internet, but it can also include mobile devices, display advertising, and any other digital medium.d

For a detailed understanding of what digital marketing is all about, please read this article

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into the common misconceptions people have about digital marketing. 

  1. Digital Marketing is for Big companies, only. 

Digital marketing is not for large companies and organizations only, it is for small businesses too. Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is usually a low-cost option, especially compared with more traditional print marketing. When you’re constrained by budgets and have more time than money, online marketing can work in your favor perfectly.

One of the many reasons Digital marketing has become a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses is because it can be used by business owners to:

  • Effectively communicate and engage with customers
  • Sell to customers directly without a physical shop
  • Gain insights and analytical data of consumer buying preferences

These benefits will not just help big businesses. For a small business, these benefits can help them grow and expand. As a small company, you can react on social media in minutes and tailor messages for local customers that will engage them. This is something that large businesses often struggle with when even a tweet has to go through numerous approval processes and are often written centrally.

2. Digital marketing is a small portion of business strategy

Most business owners fall prey to this train of thought. To them, internet marketing is just a support channel for other marketing strategies and can be easily excluded from the overall strategies if there is no personnel to handle the activities or if the budget falls short.  Isn’t it funny how digital marketing can still be underrated in this era where everyone is online and using digital technologies?

So, let me clarify this misunderstanding in the following paragraph: 

Digital marketing is a significant portion of business strategy. With the rise of online consumers, many businesses have realized that digital marketing should be a significant part of their business strategy. Each day, more and more people go online to find information about a company or to purchase products.

Savvy consumers are going online to help make a decision looking at a company’s website. With a well-made website as the company’s main window of interaction with online customers, a business is more likely to see a rise in online orders.

3. My competitors are not online, why should I be? 

Good question. 

Why should you be on the internet when your main competitors aren’t? Let’s think about this together. If you know your competitors are not online, don’t you think you should rather take advantage of that fact and create a website and other digital marketing tools? You want to do everything you can to set your business apart.

Especially if your competitors are not taking advantage of digital marketing, you most certainly should be. At least, that is what a smart business owner would do: always look for new opportunities to sell to target markets and outsmart the competitor. 

4. You must have a website

Now, before the experts cry foul, let me explain. The fact that you must have a website isn’t a misconception. But the fact that you must have a website before getting started is a big lie and you should not listen to that. As a small business owner, it’s obvious that you are working on a limited budget for your marketing.

Hence, you should only spend money on what will give you more money. Cognisant of this fact, if you do not have the capital to set up a professional and functional website for your business, don’t let all the “you must have a website” fuss, pin you down from taking your business online. 

Start with what you have, build your social media presence, it costs nothing. Publish significant-quality content consistently, brand yourself and the day you have the budget to build your website, go ahead and build it because it is a wise investment. 

In essence, what I’m saying is this: You don’t have money for a website yet? No problem. Start with social media and when that money is available, build your website. 

5. Keyword stuffing. 

Keyword stuffing has been a thing in content writing for websites for years. People (our business included) used to stuff a lot of keywords on websites. The thought behind this was that the more times specific keywords appear on your website, the better your ranking will be. 

 And that was true at the time, but now things have changed. 

This is as a result of Google’s realization that people stuff as many keywords into a web page as possible, resulting in content that does not even make sense, just in order to rank higher on SERPS (search engine results pages). To keep websites from doing this, search engines typically divide the number of words on a page by the number of instances of giving keywords. 

This helps crawlers determine relevancy and ranking. If keywords are repeated too many times, the web page will be flagged and it will not appear high in the search engine results.

But, most people don’t know this yet. They continue to load articles with tons of keywords and consequently, their articles get dismissed by the search engines. 

6. Digital marketing is difficult to track or measure

With today’s apps and digital capability, there is more up-to-date, real-time data than ever before and it’s easily accessible and available. For example, with traditional marketing, if you set up a billboard, it is difficult to know how many people saw your advert and how many bought the product as a result.

But, if you post on Twitter or Facebook you can check your website analytics to see if there has been a spike in the number of unique visitors to your site. Things like Google analytics are now readily available and most social networking sites offer their own form of analysis.  

7. Digital marketing takes up too much time

All marketing takes time but digital marketing is one of the least time intensive tools. Social media will alert you to interactions and tools can be set up to schedule all your publications so that they get published on the days you are so busy to hink about what to write and post. Tools like google analytics also monitor who, when and why consumers are accessing your media. You don’t have to spend your time online to make it a success. 

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Tadbet Averra  is the Public Relations Officer and Content Manager at digital Gong Technologies, a branding, strategic and creative digital marketing agency in Douala, Cameroon. She’s provided content marketing  and strategy advice  for the agency and its clients. She also holds a Bsc degree in Journalism and Mass communication. 

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