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We all have belongings we hold onto for so long; Things that  have passed their prime but technically still function, so why bother replacing them?

In secondary school, it was a pair of shoes for me. Even though the soles were filled with holes and the color faded way, I’d still put them on day after day. Eventually, I was forced to get a new pair and as soon as I put them on, I couldn’t figure out why it took me so long to make the switch.

For many  of the decision makers in companies, CEOs, Marketing officers, web designer lead, branding strategist… the websites of your organization are like that pair of shoes. Even though our websites are dated but could be performing poorly, you’re  so attached to them. You don’t want to invest in a website redesign or update — but face it, you probably need it.

It can often be the product offer update, the change of some graphics and photos, or the re-conception of the logo. Often, a complete overhaul is necessary. The project can be very consequential in relation to the size of your company and the objectives.

The complete redesign of a site is to modify one or all of the elements of a site unlike simple updates that requires only a few changes. The set of elements that can be modified during a complete redesign are:

  • The way the information is presented and structured on your site.
  • The general appearance of several pages of your website.
  • The CMS that runs your website.
  • How visitors use your website.
  • Website load time

Small business leaders often perceive the complexity of the redesign as a burden. A redesign of a site can sometimes be expensive and take enough time. Not having the technical skills you will not be able to redo your site yourself, especially if it is an online store or having advanced features.

This is about knowing when it will be necessary for you to redo your website. Below we will provide you with a checklist that will allow you to monitor your website and know when to do the overhaul.

Why consider redesigning your website

Your site does not need to meet all the criteria below before considering the redesign. Depending on the number of items you are looking for in the list, you will have an idea of ​​the urgency of the redesign.

    • When the website takes more than 2 to 3 seconds to load

    You know that a page of your site is slow when it does not load completely in less than 2 to 3 seconds. According to a survey, about 49% of Internet users like when a page loads in 2 seconds or less. 51% say they can wait for the website to load completely. This means that the slowness of your website can lead to potential customers escaping you. There is a big risk that your prospects and sales will go down.

    To test the loading speed of your page, you can use tools such as PAGE SPEED INSIGHTS or the Google Mobile Speed ​​Test Tool. You can also test it manually by opening it on mobile devices and desktop computers.


      The moment you share your site on social media, your links must be beautiful. The thumbnail of the link must be catchy, the title of the link and the description must have a useful copy that allows the reader to know what you are sharing.

      If it happens that you share a link from your site on social networks and you do not see any title, presentable description, or thumbnail, then it’s time to review your site for an update. According to statistics 30% of the traffic on your website could come from social networks.. A significant figure high enough to be given special attention. When you present the pages of your site you make a good first impression.


      • When some of the features or content is not displayed correctly.


      If after a long time of absence you visit your site, it is possible that you notice problems of posting. The logo or other images that do not display correctly, or that some interactive features have flaws. It can also be your content that does not display the way you intended it.

      Some of its anomalies can be corrected by simple update, but often it is a bigger problem. Your site may run on scripts or other very old software components that are no longer supported. If your site is old and its design is long, it is very possible that your site is no longer compatible with new devices and browsers. You can contact a professional web developer to solve and advise you to develop a more modern design in case you are unsure of what is causing the problem.


      • When your site is difficult to use on mobile.


      Take care to check the appearance of your website when loading on devices of different types, not to mention smartphones and tablets. You will check the following:

      • If the text of the site is readable.
      • If the images appear correctly.
      • If browsing the site is easy on a smaller screen.

      If you do not have mobile devices available to test all of this, you can use Google Mobile-Friendly Test to verify your website.

      Since 2016 mobile devices have overtaken desktop devices as devices that are used regularly to browse the internet. Reason why the friendliness of an internet site is very important. 

      You can do an analysis of your website to find out the percentage of users who visit it from their mobile devices. If this percentage is significant then it is worth considering these details during site design.


      • When your site does not generate business results.


      Does your site bring you leads and sales? Is your site helping you achieve your business goals? if you say “no” to this answer then you will have to consider a redesign that contributes to your business.

      You must be clear about the data you used to measure your goals. These data can be:

      • The number of leads or sales?
      • Your conversion rate?
      • The abandonment rate of the basket of the shopping cart?
      • Increasing the value of each order?
      • A better qualification of your prospects?

      If you choose a specific key metrics, your redesign will have more focused goals and you will know if it works or not.


      • When visitors leave the site quickly.


      Some sites require that the customer journey requires that users visit multiple pages or that users stay on the site for a long time. If you have a blog you will probably want users to read and share your articles. If it’s an e-commerce site that you have, you’re going to want customers and buyers to browse through your product catalog to select several of them and fill the cart. In this case it means that you need users stay a little longer on your site. 

      To know how much time users put on your site, you need to use certain metrics to determine.


      • Bounce rate that occurs when the user visits a page on your site and does not visit other pages. Your bounce rate is the number of bounces divided by the number of sessions on your site. It can be measured using Google Analytics. If you reach your business goals and users leave your site quickly then you need not worry unless otherwise.
      • Page / Session which is the average number of pages that users view per session. The higher the number, the more pages that users visit when they visit your site.
      • Behavior: This gives you a clear idea of ​​how users are browsing your website. You can visit Google Analytics to learn more about the flow of user behavior on your site.




      • When people do not find what they are looking for


      When a potential customer visits your site, he needs to quickly determine what to do. If it is information they are looking for, they must be able to find it easily and quickly. No matter what action the client wants to perform on your site, it must be very easy without there being any external intervention. If searching for information is difficult on your site then you need a review.

      If you start to receive a lot of calls, emails or many feedback from customers about access to information on your site, this means that visitors have trouble finding what they are looking for. on your website.


      • When your main competitors have redesigned their website.


      To find out if your site is up-to-date,  you need to check the websites of your competitors and similar businesses. You can use the following elements for possible reflections:

      • Have they recently changed their designs?
      • Are their designs very different from yours?
      • Note the text size, colors, and graphic styles they use.

      Older or outdated design is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is also a necessary signal for your audience. When you renew your design this allows the audience to know that you are following the trend and that your business is flourishing.


      • When your brand, your products or services have changed.


      It may happen that your site is no longer representative of your business. Below are some signs that this might be the case:

      • The corporate photos on your site no longer feature current staff or facilities.
      • Your target market has moved to another market since your current design was completed.
      • Your best selling product or service has changed.
      • Compared to your site, your print marketing material is newer, has new information or looks different.

      In the event that any of this information is true, then you should work with a designer who has some experience in re-branding.


      • When your site is no longer secure.


      There are websites that are particularly vulnerable to attack. Like those running on content management systems or on e-commerce sites where financial transactions are conducted. Customer data could be stolen if attacked, and your website may be held hostage with unwanted content and links that may start to appear.

      Attacks are very dangerous for small businesses because 60% fail to follow for more than 6 months. Generally a redesign of the site does not solve the problem so you will need to restart your site from scratch to cancel any vulnerability present.

      How often do you need to redesign your website?

      Everything will depend on your industry, the number of pages on your site, the functional characteristics of your site and your business objectives, since there is no strict rule on the best time to make a website redesign.

      The type of website will determine the pace at which you should do your site checkups. If it is a showcase site with only a few pages and no e-commerce functionality then a routine exam every six months will suffice. In case it is an e-commerce site and you have hundreds of visitors a month, the routine exam will have to be done monthly.

      The checklist that we have just provided will help you and will help you conduct regular reviews to determine if a major change is necessary or if it is only small updates that you need. Regardless of the case if you need an expert in the field, Digital Gong offers you its expert services and website consultants for small updates or complete redesign of the website.

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